A titch?

So…a titch.

My mom is one of my favorite people.  I love her kindness, silliness and most of all her sense of humor.  One of my favorite things about her is her ability to create words that have become colloquialisms within our family.  She called people all sorts of names and used all sorts of phrases that no one else would know.  One of the most memorable is her phrase “just a titch,” which typically means something very small.  So, if you want something moved, but just barely, you’d “scoot it over just a titch.”  Or, if you need a second, you’d say, “Be there in a titch!”

I’ve often been chided for my own words: asking if you’re “huffle puffle” if you’re grumpy, referring to a quick shower as a “rinsey” and many, many other phrases, leading some to refer to my word choices as the “Amypedia”.

Since my mom’s word is so much cuter and looks waayy better on a blog header, I couldn’t resist.

So, take a titch, and check out the site.


4 responses to “A titch?

  1. Chris

    My mom would always say “just a titch” too.
    I found this page because I was looking up
    that phrase – wasn’t sure if she made up the
    word or not.

  2. I always say “Why are you so huffy puffy?” to mean mad!

  3. I love made-up words! Although just yesterday I learned a new word that is NOT made up but SOUNDS made up (and a bit peevy): DONGLE. GOOGLE THAT ONE!!

  4. My sister in law created a great one our whole family now uses….if you’re cranky or angry and the reason is because you’re hungry then you’re “hangry”. my toddler is often “hangry”

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