Clearly, I’m great at my job.

Last week, a student stated that “school shouldn’t be mandatory because it sucks.”  While I know that at 13, many of them think that anything NOT meeting their exact specifications at any exact moment “sucks” this particular comment INFURIATES ME.  So, I was totally calm and let it roll off my back started in on a rant that would hopefully INFLUENCE THE CHILDREN, and make them school lovers.

At the end of said rant, I mentioned that in other countries, students and their parents have to pay for them to recieve educations, even as young as kindergarten.  I said, “Some students would give their left arm to be educated for free, that’s how much they want to be in school!”

I felt very smug until a student raised her hand and said, “What if they’re right handed?”

I was confused.

“You know, if they’re right handed?  Wouldn’t they give their RIGHT hand, since that’s like, a bigger sacrifice?”

I’m really glad they’re getting THE BIG PICTURE of what I’m teaching.



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Clean house…

Sometimes, when I clean our apartment, I get very indignant, and think (and mutter) things like, “UGH!  This takes FOREVER!” and occasionally look up maid prices while huffing and puffing around.  Really?  It’s not that bad.  At one time, it took me 3-5 hours to clean my apartment.

No, you didn’t read that incorrectly.  3-5 hours for a fairly small apartment.

Let me just tell you about my old living situation.  I lived with another girl in her 20’s, who for the sake of the blog, I’ll nickname “Sara” who I found on Craigslist.  What I didn’t pick up on was the cautionary tone of her ad, which read something along the lines of, “If you can’t handle someone who leaves their shoes in the living room and their keys on the coffee table, we probably shouldn’t live together.”   I thought I could handle it, and moved in.

Let the crazy games begin!

First, the thing that spurned this blog: THE MESSINESS.  Yes, there were shoes and keys, but there were also dishes with month-old food in them molding over.  There were piles of clothes, and her thousands of books.  And her EVERYTHING, all kept in our living room.  At first, I would dutifully clean up after her—pile all of her crap in one area and really scrub down the house.  It would take hours, and tons of garbage bags and really wreaked havoc on my gag reflex.  One time, I out and out refused to do her dishes for a month.  I guess she finally caught on, because I brought a friend home to watch a movie in my room, and when he and I walked by my bathroom, there was Sara: DOING ALL HER DISHES IN THE BATHTUB.  There were soooo many, and we had no dishwasher, so she figured filling up our tub with hot water and dishsoap and carting alllll her dishes into the bathroom was her best bet.

Suffice it to say, I didn’t eat at home for awhile.

Secondly, the girl was out and out nutty sometimes.  And RUDE.  After the great Bathtub Dish Washing Incident, our shower was clogged.  She refused to get it fixed, claiming that my hair was to blame.  Um, what!?  She really didn’t see the link between the two, and refused to pay.  I offered to halve it with her, and she refused.  Thankfully, I was basically living with Andrew at that point, and could just shower there.  Let me just tell you how much I LOVED paying rent for a place when the shower was unusable.  She, by the way, continued using OUR CLOGGED SHOWER, as if there was no problem.

My favorite story, though, was how she accused Andrew of downloading porn on her computer THAT HE NEVER TOUCHED.  Apparently, she contracted some virus that populated her computer with ads for golf, hair loss and erectile dysfunction.  She called me—while I was vacationing in Napa with girlfriends, no less—to accuse my boyfriend of downloading porn on a computer he didn’t know existed because those ads were clearly things “a guy like him would be into.”  Sara told everyone she knew—her parents, co-workers and friends—that her roommate’s boyfriend had an addiction.  She also threatened to evict me.  Until she took her computer to the Geek Squad, and they informed her that she’d downloaded a bad copy of a video or some such.  WHOOPSIE.

When I finally told her I was moving out to move in with Andrew, the snide comments began.  First was, “It’s so funny how life turns out—just LOOKING at you and I, you’d never guess that YOU would be the one moving out with a boyfriend.  I thought it’d be me!”  Thank you for essentially saying you think I’m not hot enough for a boyfriend.  Next came her asking me if I’d seen a tall, thin guy hanging out in front of our apartment.  When I said that yes, I’d seen him, she said, “He’s my new roomie!  The total opposite of you—he’s tall and skinny, you’re short and…dynamic!”

Needless to say, moving out wasn’t the hardest decision I’ve ever made.


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Currently In November…

Current Books: Finishing up Eclipse, also known as Twilight 3.  I’m hooked, what can I say?

Current Playlist: I’m on a steady diet of Christmas music right now, particularly Diana Krall and Sarah McLachlan.  Okay, fine and Amy Grant.  Also, lots of Frou Frou when I don’t feel like Christmas music.

Current Guilty Pleasure: The Real Housewives of Orange County is back on.  It’s basically my favorite.

Current Color: I’m in love with red right now—maybe it’s the holidays or just the overall fun of it.

Current Drink: Diet coke, coffee and decaf chai tea at night.

Current Food: Pho, soup, roast…comfort foods.

Current Favorite Show: I’m really sad that Mad Men is ending—thank god for the Real Housewives!

Current Wishlist: I’ve been eying new cameras for weeks…some day!

Current Needs: To get my butt in gear and plan some lessons for this week.

Current Triumphs: I think I did some really effective teaching last week, which was exciting.

Current Bane Of My Existence: My left shoulder has a pinched nerve or something and I can barely move.

Current Celebrity Crush: Don Draper, always.

Current Indulgence:  Hot chocolate with peppermint Schnapps.

Current Blessing: My family and close friends.

Current Slang: Cray-cray (thanks a lot, KK)

Current Outfit: Cute black wrap dress, tights and faux Cardy Uggs.

Current Excitement: An afternoon nap.

Current Mood: Blah.

Current Link: I always love it when the lovely Andrea writes at her blog, CAFFEINATE-ME.


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This Is It

Last night, Leslie and I went to dinner and to see “This Is It.”  Because we like to keep things classy, we decided to sneak some libations into the theatre.  Sorry, mom and dad.  But it was cold, and I really wanted a little treat.  We stopped at Starbucks, and I ordered a hot chocolate with room.  The barista looked confused and asked me how much room.  I showed her with my fingers.  She then inquired why on earth I’d need such a thing, and I tried to evade her question, but she kept asking how and why and WHAT I WAS GOING TO ADD until I finally hissed, “PEPPERMINT SCHNAPPS!”


The movie itself was amazing.  Michael Jackson was immensely talented, despite his weirdness.  It actually made me really sad to think of how his genius was overshadowed by his craziness.  And no, I am not letting him off the hook for crimes he may or may not have committed, but he really was this amazing musical gift.  As a musical person, I really appreciated seeing that side of him.  It made me sad that he’s gone, and that the last years of his life were so tumultuous.  Still, the concert would have been awesome, and the movie was great.

Do you know what isn’t great?  Annoying movie-goers.  We were seated behind a woman who had two seats next to her that were very clearly saved.  A woman and her husband strolled in, mid-previews and asked if they could sit there.  When the woman explained that she’d saved them, the other woman goes, “There’s nobody in ’em!”

Um.  That’s the point of SAVING, Captain Obvious.

Anyways, next to us, there was an older-ish couple.  They came in after the movie had started, and the guy just plunged right in, without letting me move my ginormous bag.  He’s sooooo lucky that he didn’t break my iPhone.  He and his wife whipped out giant boxes of candy and plastic bags of god-knows-what and began chowing down.  I freaking hate loud chewing, and these two?!  LOUDEST CHEWERS EVER.  But this wasn’t the worst.  The worst was the FOOT TAPPING.  “This Is It” is essentially a movie of what would have been Michael Jackson’s final concerts, so there was a lot of music.  And these two? TAPPED ALONG TO EVERY SONG.  Loudly, distractingly so.  I don’t know if my precious peppermint treat kept me from noticing at first, but by the end of the movie, I WAS PLUGGING ONE EAR trying to drown it out.

This is why I shouldn’t go out in public.  I get annoyed wayyyy too easily.


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Crystal Ball…

This past week, I’ve found myself wishing harder than ever for a crystal ball.  To look ahead a month, a week, a year and see that this fog has cleared, and that just as everyone in the world has always said, “This to shall pass.”  Because amongst all of the fun “saucy” posts and the little bits of hate mail regarding my handwriting (just typing that still baffles me!) there’s been a profound sadness, a worry, a heaviness flowing through my life lately.

As you get older, I feel like there is pressure.  Pressure to figure things out, to make your life what you want it.  I feel like I blink and it’s Friday again, another week in the books.  I look over my lesson plans, one of the steadiest ways for me to mark time, and marvel at all I’ve taught, and cringe at all that’s left to teach.  Still, I feel like things are flying by at warp speed, and I wonder: is this it?  Am I missing out?  Is this current madness all there is, and all I want?

Sometimes, I just don’t know what to do.  My life is so settled in some ways, but so unsettled in others.  I’ve spent nearly two years with the same person by my side.  There have been ups and downs, roller coasters of emotions and feelings and events, questions about whether or not we should stay or split or keep trying or give up.  And yes, there is love.  There has always been love.  But I hate to say this—I think the Beatles are full of shit.  Sometimes, love isn’t all you need.

With love, there comes sacrifice.  There comes aligning your purposes with another person—and not just in stupid ways, like ordering Chinese food for her when he’s been craving pizza all week.  It means saying, “Hey you…I’ll put __________ on hold for you.  I’ll live here, I’ll move there, I’ll give something up for you.”  And I suppose lately, I’ve been wondering if we’re both giving up too much for the other, or if we can both re-work, re-think, re-mold our expectations for life in order to have them fit comfortably together.

The thing is, I’ve done that before.  I’ve taken a chance on someone, and said those magic words: I DO.  I do take you, I do choose you, I DO.  And I will.  And let’s be honest: DIDN’T GO SO WELL.  But I know I want it, again.  I want it better than before, and more than before.  It’s on my radar.  Ever since I was a kid, I’ve known that I wanted and needed to have a family, a partner, a “person.”  I want to have kids and be a mama, and have people in the world I like best of all and know that they feel the same.  Sometimes, it’s a burden—to want something so much.

On the other hand, for some people, this need is not there.  It’s a passing thought, a cloud.  It’s maybe on the horizon, a little speck, but the desire isn’t there yet.  Sure, there is desire, a thought that maybe I’ll do that, maybe someday.  But that’s not sure.  That’s not security.  Plus, before you reach that spot, there are mountains to climb and adventures to have.  And while sure, you’d love to have that partner with you, it’s the journey, it’s not the destination.

I guess what I want to know, what I wish I could predict is if those two dreams, those separate ways of seeing the world will ever meet up, and become one.  Are we foolish to let go of one another’s hands, of that comfort, of that hard-fought love because of practical things?  Or, is it like ripping off a bandage, where yes, it will hurt, but then it will heal, and before you know it, this thing will be the tiny speck, the memory you look back on from up on that new horizon?

I wish I knew what to do, friends.


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Friday Favorites…

So, it’s Friday.  Typically, I am breathing a sigh of relief, but since I can’t actually breathe through my nose, I suppose today I am grunting relief through my mouth.  Yes, that’s as attractive as it sounds.

Here are a few things I’m loving this week:

  • Once again, Fun Friday is documented here.  Seriously, go check out Style Lush, not just for my post, but for the INTERNET GOLD that resides there.  Leave a comment or two.
  • The Maiden Metallurgist wrote an amazing post about how we women are so quick to judge ourselves, and qualify our positives.  Having had my own little hate mail incident this week, I really, really loved this post.
  • If you’re not reading and loving Metalia yet, I don’t quite know what’s wrong with you.  This post about radiators and phallac Snuggies had me IN TEARS with laughter.  Go there.
  • Want to feel more normal about the way you fight with your significant other?  The comments on this post by SLynnRo are just as fascinating as the post itself. 
  • I love, love, love my Lexa, and this post about girlfriends was so sweet!  Don’t worry, Lex—I know you’re still a badass at heart.
  • If you love to hate The Hills (or, love to love it, baby!) you should be reading my online BFF KK’s recaps.  Soooo funny.

Here’s wishing you a weekend that is full of fun!  I know mine will include: seeing “This Is It,” cold medicine, copious napping, and hopefully plowing through the ridiculous pile of papers I need to correct.


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