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Hi there!  My name is Amy, and I’m glad you stopped by my blog. The first thing you should know is that I’m a teacher. I teach middle school English, leading some of the under-14 crowd potentially reading this site to believe it should be called “Just A Bitch.” Even though I don’t post much about work, you can often find me buried under a pile of essays or grammar worksheets.

I’m 26, I live “in sin” with my boyfriend Andrew and my cat Harry near Sacramento, CA. I love writing, and besides this little corner of the internet, I write about public education here and you should definitely come over and read me being all professional-like.  I’m a voracious reader, a wannabe artist, a yoga-lover and a car dancer.  Personality-wise, I’m a little shy at first, but once I warm up to you, I’m all smiles and laughs.  I’m the world’s most extroverted introvert and the most cynical optimist I know.  Um, I’m also a little anal retentive and neurotic, but whatevs.  I like to think it’s part of my charm.

Neurosis is no joke. I’m a Professional Worrywart, meaning I obsess over the world’s smallest things, like whether or not my gas total ended in an odd number (I hate even ones) or whether or not I’m going to die from the germs that are undoubtedly all over the food I consume. It’s fun. The biggest thing I obsess about is not vomiting—it’s been 12 years since I last puked and dammit, I’m going to make it lifelong if I can do it.  Nope, not kidding.

I have an exceptional family who I love and adore—my parents and brother are amazing, and my boyfriend is pretty darn fantastic, too.  My favorite things in the world include getting comments on my blog (hint hint, wink wink), going out for breakfast, Arrested Development, the ocean, reading, Scrabble, baths and anything I can do in my house while wearing pajamas, making lists in my fabulous handwriting while using black pens that aren’t ballpoint on white legal pads. I like to laugh and make others do the same. My text messages are almost always grammatically correct. I’m a loyal friend.

If you’re looking to annoy me, do the following: chew loudly with your mouth open, drive slow in the fast lane, pronounce “mature” as “ma-tour”, tell me you heart something, or say, “Why do teachers get paid so much when they’re off as much as they teach?” or something to that effect. If you do all of the above, it’s likely I’ll cry and then beat you up.

I love (NOT HEART) email, and try to write back ASAP. Leave me a comment, or send me a note at titchblog AT gmail DOT com.  You can also follow me on Twitter.


15 responses to “About Moi

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  2. Amy,

    This is so exciting– I look forward to keeping in touch through just a titch.. I am still trying to sort through the thought process of someone that leaves their cell phone in a stove top burner however.



  3. Gina Savage

    Hi Amy!!

    How are you girl? I started reading your blogs and just got hooked…. I love that you are a bit OCD in certain areas of your life, like the odd number thing. I never knew that about you… So funny! So I saw on Facebook that your back in Roseville with your guy Andrew…

    I want to meet him, and I want you to meet Jon… he’s hilarious and has WAY more personality than Jeremiah ever had even on his best day (just so you know), I think we may have fun. The two divorcees with our new and better men! Lets plan a double dinner date soon!?! What do ya think?

    I’d love to catch up with you! Love ya ~ Gina =)

  4. Hi Amy! I’m a fellow student in the decor8 class and discovered you on the blogroll. You are too fun and I look forward to stalking you.

    I especially was inspired by your “This is a very sensitive subject…” post and immediately clicked over to Operation Muffin Top(ple). My high waisted jeans days are numbered…

  5. “I love to make lists in my fabulous handwriting, using black pens that aren’t ballpoint on white legal pads.”

    I wish I had fabulous handwriting–that’s one of the things that bothers me. I have thought about taking lessons. And yes, I have issues about pens and paper too. Also enjoyed reading your 26 @ 26.

  6. Seychelle

    You are one fabulous writer!! I love every word that comes on the page! Your writing is calming yet full of life…sassy, witty, all-together cute Amy-esk blips on reality….that truly inspire me to put my mind in a blog. I love your work! and LOVE you too!

  7. Juley Robarge Woods

    We are very similar which is strange, odd and somewhat scary!!!
    I hate even numbers too! I have been wanting to get my nose pierced, but won’t because then I would have 18 piercings….
    Can’t wait to read more!

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  9. I just found your blog and can TOTALLY relate to a lot of your “About Me” … but two things in particular stood out:

    – The vomit thing. I can’t stand it either and avoid it AT. ALL. COSTS.

    – The pronunciation of “mature.” My mom says “ma-tour” and it makes me cringe inside every time.

    My texts are always gramatically correct, too. We sound a lot alike. 🙂

  10. I just read this for the first time (because I sort of loved your post today) and OH MY GOODNESS WE ARE SIMILAR.

    It’s a little creepy, really – introverted extrovert for REAL, very anti-“heart”ing things, every single one of your favorite things(except my handwriting is far less than perfect), and obviously when people spew ridiculousness about teachers having life easy.

  11. Wandered over here from I don’t know where and am thoroughly enjoying reading all sorts of old posts! Great blog! 🙂

  12. okay, so don’t hate me, but as i’m sure you noticed from my blog, i heart a LOT OF STUFF. but! in my defense/plea for us to still be bloggy bffs, i, too, hate cow-chewers, people who claim to be ma-tour, and people who don’t appreciate teachers (y’all are next to God in my heart.).

    i also totally heart (sorry. i’ll try harder.) several of the same things you do — except arrested development. i could never get into that show.

    anyway! hope to see you around the blog soon! 🙂

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  14. I appreciate your comment on my blog this week! I loved the “Currently:” that I saw on my friend Karen’s page, that she said came from you :-). Anyways, I came to visit your blog and was surprised when I pulled up this page, because the picture at the top could be me–like I think I have a picture somewhere that looks exactly like that. ha. Really enjoyed browsing your blog (I am also a teacher).

  15. “Most cynical optimist…”? Hello! Sign me up to read your blog.

    I think this would be a great way to describe myself … cynical optimist. I’m diggin’ that expression!

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