Things That Are Weird

Things that are currently weirding me out:

  • In the continuing adventures of Amy Goes To The Dentist, I spent my day off in a dentist’s chair, in a magical world I can visit only with the help of my special friends Valium and Nitrous.  I got a final crown put on, and can I just tell you how weird it is to have a brand new tooth?  It matches my other teeth!  It’s made completely of porcelain, and it feels like it belongs in my mouth!  I keep licking it with my tongue.  It’s weird to me that new teeth can be made at all, and then come live in my mouth.
  • I was scheduling some future events yesterday, when I had to write 2010.  Twenty-TEN.  It’s so weird to even write that, as it seems 2000 was just a few years ago.  Also, there is no verbal abbreviation for it, you know, something like “Back in ’03…”  I think you have to say “2010” every time.  Not sure if I like that one bit.
  • This whole “midweek day off.”  Today feels like yet another Monday.  Not cool, day off.  BUT…I did sleep ’til 8 am yesterday, so I can’t really be pissed off.  Still, I find myself wondering what day it is and what I should be teaching and AHHHHH!
  • I was reviewing a list of attendees for a conference I am going to next week, and noticed that one of them is a teacher from my ELEMENTARY SCHOOL.  When I was in 6th grade, I got to go help out in the special education class a few times a week instead of being in my class.  Apparently, the teacher of this class is teaching a program that I coordinate at MY school.  This means that I am now a colleague of someone I haven’t seen since I was twelve and mullet-coifed, acne-ridden and bespectacled.  I am hoping she’s forgotten who I am, as to avoid awkward 6th grade reminiscing.
  • My level of excitement regarding “New Moon” coming out, and my date with Gina to go see it!

What seems weird to you this week?



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4 responses to “Things That Are Weird

  1. On the Dentist note, I know the feeling of new teeth! I had veneers put on my top 8 teeth. You think one feels weird? Try 8!

    Side note, I got sedated with stuff more poweful than nitrus and vicodin. Made my heart rate drop so low it set off the alarms, doc busted out the crash cart but I was fully coherant. Wierdest expierence I have ever had.

  2. Christina

    I so agree about the whole mid-week day off… today totally feels like Monday all over again! Now, your enthusiasm about New Moon… I kinda wanna throw up… but I still love you! :o)

  3. I think 2010 is weird too.

    What’s weird about my week is that I find that I’ve been pretty sluggish. Thankfully I’ll start working again next week and will have some sort of normalcy…

  4. Jill

    i agree about the weirdness of being a colleague of someone who was a ‘grown-up’ not too long ago. (side note: is it ms. runningwolf? i got to be her aide at a summer school program a few years back and she was awesome.)
    i still struggle to call teachers i had or knew by their ‘adult name’. they will always be mr. or mrs. _____.
    and, as i already replied via twitter, 2010 is freaking me out. i know it sounds weird, but maybe it will be acceptable to say “back in ’10”. perhaps you could check in to how people referred to it back in ’10 (1910, that is).
    happy ‘second’ monday – to be followed by a lovely, actual friday/weekend.

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