Don’t tease me about my hobbies…

Last night, as we were sitting on the couch, Andrew peered over my shoulder to see what I was looking at.  This brings me to my first tangent: IS THERE ANYTHING MORE ANNOYING THAN PEOPLE READING OVER YOUR SHOULDER?  Judging by my use of caps, I’m going to say not, but seriously?!  It’s a constant battle.

Anyways, I happened to be looking at a list of the people I follow on Twitter, which prompted the following exchange:

ANDREW:  “You follow Taylor Swift?!”


ANDREW:  “It’s okay, millions of LITTLE GIRLS follow Taylor Swift!”

This, my friends, brings me to something that is perhaps a bit troubling: my weird, adolescent-esque hobbies and musical interests.  I like to think I’m semi-hip when it comes to music.  I can name-drop a few indie bands, I genuinely enjoy music and I certainly try and expand beyond the Top 40 stations.  BUT.  I have to admit that there’s more Miley Cyrus on my playlist than I care to admit, and that I love Taylor Swift.  I think that Taylor is more in touch with her feelings than many adults are.  Plus, I’ve seen her interviewed and she seems extraordinarily eloquent for 19.  Most importantly?  Her songs sound good being belted out in my car.

Sadly, Taylor Swift is not my only adolescent-ish interest.  There is my really embarrassing, slightly creepy love for new teen it-boy Justin Bieber‘s adorable little teen love songs.  I realize that the Twilight phenomenon has swept the nation, nay, THE WORLD, but let’s be real: it’s a little embarrassing to be containing your excitement over “New Moon” along with the students you teach.  I watch America’s Best Dance Crew.  I really, really, really enjoy “your mom” jokes and other phrases that only 14-year-old boys think are funny.

Sometimes, like when your boyfriend catches you following along to Taylor Swift’s tweets, or you hotly contest Jacob vs. Edward, being into such youthful things can be embarrassing, but truth be told, I like it.  It keeps me young and fresh and fun.  A little light-heartedness never killed anyone.

I can’t be the only one, right?!  What “childish” musicians, books, shows are you still into?

*Please let the record show that I do draw the line at items of clothing displaying Disney, Looney Toons and other cartoon characters.  That’s not fun—that’s just plain weird.  Sorry to offend my Disney-wearing readers.  I still love you.  Just not your Mickey Mouse sweatshirt.



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19 responses to “Don’t tease me about my hobbies…

  1. I too hate people reading over my shoulder! That’s why I try to get my computer time when I’m home alone!

    I too follow Taylor Swift (and have proclaimed on Twitter that I want to be her when I grow up!).

    And I have midnight tickets to New Moon. My friends and I figure there is nothing else we’d ever go to see at midnight – so we’re doing it.

  2. Amy

    My Twitter list reads like the front cover of one of those Tiger Beat-type magazines: Taylor Swift, Lauren Conrad, Whitney Port, Spencer Pratt, even Miley when she was tweeting. I like to watch High School Musical! And I’ve read the first two books in the Twilight series so far. I don’t see anything wrong with any of it.

  3. kel

    I also follow Taylor Swift. she’s adorable.

  4. I’m in my thirties (but don’t tell anyone, everyone thinks I’m 28 ;P) and I love a bit of High School Musical. I consider it keeping in touch with the twelve year old I still am in my heart.


    I cannot keep up with my reader these days, and I know that but wow! I’m back up to date now but holy heck! lol

    I think that Taylor Swift has a lot of bloggers’ hearts, so I wouldn’t be too concerned. Being in touch with your inner tween is a lot of fun, especially now that we can drink.

  6. From teacher to teacher – go with it, Amy. You’ve got an “in” in their world which makes you that much more relatable than you already are. Even though I was so young when I was teaching, there were so many interests that I didn’t share with them and it took WORK for me to do it…but if you’ve got the interest already, then you’re one step ahead, I’d say.

  7. barbetti

    Dude. I follow anyone in connection with the Twilight franchise (just not all the fan ones). I even follow the director of the Eclipse movie on flickr – WHO ADDED ME AS A CONTACT. AND THEN I DIED.

    My husband says I’m ridiculous, but what’s life without a little immaturity?

  8. Jen

    Yeah…I’m right there with you! I’ve even got tickets to the midnight showing of New Moon. It’s rough, but someone’s got to do it! LOL

  9. Ok Taylor Swift really is so adorable. Especially when she was on Oprah…she was darling (and so was that little girl who interviewed her, but that’s beside the point.)

    Anyway, since we are all confessing and speaking of Taylor’s, I have a super hot cougar-ish crush on Taylor Lautner and he could practically be my son. You know, if I had a kid at 16, but whatever, it’s physically possible. Which is gross. But he is hot. So I won’t be teasing you is what I’m saying, I guess. 🙂

  10. Taylors — NO APOSTROPHE — Oh my god, don’t judge my English Degree, Amy 🙂 hehe

  11. Katy

    There is nothing wrong with having a minor obsession with Taylor Swift… I once spent an entire Friday night googling her music videos. She has one entirely dedicated to how much she loves her mom!

    If that’s not follow-worthy, I don’t know what is… makes me glad that there a “celebrity” out there still a little down to earth.

  12. I’m so guilty of this too. I was a Twilight freak last year (I’ve kinda gotten out of it for some reason). I had a mad crush on Zac Effron in 17 Again, I love that catchy Miley Cyrus song – Party in the USA.

    And I just turned 30. How sad…I win.

  13. Dude I am SO excited about New Moon and my husband thinks it SO MUCH FUN to MAKE FUN OF ME. I don’t care. I LIKED TWILIGHT. There I said it. I SAID IT OUT LOUD!!

  14. I am RIGHT there with you. I saw Taylor in concert and almost peed myself from excitement. I TRIED learning Miley’s Hoedown throwdown..actually devoted a day to it (sadly all I can do is put my hawk in the sky.) I chased down a 13 year old at the mall to ask where she bought her new moon t-shirt (rue 21 btw.) I don’t think I will ever grow up.

  15. i love taylor. my bff and i saw her in one of her first shows when she was opening for george strait and we knew she was going to be huge. love that girl, and i don’t care who knows it. and how cute is it that she’s rumored to be dating taylor lautner? taylor and taylor? helllllloooooo!

  16. I love Taylor Swift. I was just quoting her on my friend’s facebook wall, because I am mature. I also love Degrassi The Next Generation.

  17. Mighty Mouse

    You know what, I totally squeed with a student over New Moon and it was awesome. We had a moment and if it’s over that movie I’ll take it. It ain’t no than gurl, you go!

  18. Mighty Mouse

    Also, did you see Robsten is on? Twilight is real!!! lol!

  19. I confess… I am one of the MANY many who are sucked into anything Winnie the Pooh (Tigger and Eeyore are my faves). I draw the line at clothing items though (cept cute pj’s), so you’ll be pleased to know I wouldn’t embarrass you in public with a giant Pooh Bear on my sweater. I also draw the line at all this crap crap music that is around at the moment, and the HSM franchise and anything along those lines. Who are the Jonas Brothers? I don’t have a clue, but I’m sure I don’t want to. I also do not get the obsession with the vampire guy (I love Kristin Stewart though! But I know her from Into the Wild), even if I was 13 again, I would not find him the slightest bit attractive. Maybe it’s my bias against anything vampire, I just don’t get the appeal of it all, was never a Buffy fan (or of SMG, more to the point), and am in no danger of getting sucked into the current round of shows/books/movies either. But we all got our thing, I’m sure I’ll be judged for collecting all things Pooh. And butterflies. And pink. It’s cute thing, some people find that annoying too. BTW keep name dropping those indie bands cos I need some new non-mainstream tunes! I picked up death cab for cutie after you mentioned them (more than once I believe) and enjoyed the album.

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