Clearly, I’m great at my job.

Last week, a student stated that “school shouldn’t be mandatory because it sucks.”  While I know that at 13, many of them think that anything NOT meeting their exact specifications at any exact moment “sucks” this particular comment INFURIATES ME.  So, I was totally calm and let it roll off my back started in on a rant that would hopefully INFLUENCE THE CHILDREN, and make them school lovers.

At the end of said rant, I mentioned that in other countries, students and their parents have to pay for them to recieve educations, even as young as kindergarten.  I said, “Some students would give their left arm to be educated for free, that’s how much they want to be in school!”

I felt very smug until a student raised her hand and said, “What if they’re right handed?”

I was confused.

“You know, if they’re right handed?  Wouldn’t they give their RIGHT hand, since that’s like, a bigger sacrifice?”

I’m really glad they’re getting THE BIG PICTURE of what I’m teaching.



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7 responses to “Clearly, I’m great at my job.

  1. Amy

    Ahh, kids. Gotta love ’em. I think you’re teaching the most challenging age. I wouldn’t go back to being 13 again for a million dollars.

  2. LOL!

    She got you there! 😉

  3. Yeah it seems that age would be really difficult to deal with…and why I’m not a teacher 😀

  4. Christina

    So I just told my family about this. My brother says, “Well, duh, cutting off your right hand would be a bigger sacrifice. And, it is funny ’cause school would still suck.” Can you tell he’s 13??? Sheesh…

  5. Hahaaa. That sounds about right. Wise Acre.

  6. HAAAAA! I love the middle school tales!!

  7. ohhayitskk

    this makes me yearn for the days of being a preschool teacher. god bless your heart.

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