Currently In November…

Current Books: Finishing up Eclipse, also known as Twilight 3.  I’m hooked, what can I say?

Current Playlist: I’m on a steady diet of Christmas music right now, particularly Diana Krall and Sarah McLachlan.  Okay, fine and Amy Grant.  Also, lots of Frou Frou when I don’t feel like Christmas music.

Current Guilty Pleasure: The Real Housewives of Orange County is back on.  It’s basically my favorite.

Current Color: I’m in love with red right now—maybe it’s the holidays or just the overall fun of it.

Current Drink: Diet coke, coffee and decaf chai tea at night.

Current Food: Pho, soup, roast…comfort foods.

Current Favorite Show: I’m really sad that Mad Men is ending—thank god for the Real Housewives!

Current Wishlist: I’ve been eying new cameras for weeks…some day!

Current Needs: To get my butt in gear and plan some lessons for this week.

Current Triumphs: I think I did some really effective teaching last week, which was exciting.

Current Bane Of My Existence: My left shoulder has a pinched nerve or something and I can barely move.

Current Celebrity Crush: Don Draper, always.

Current Indulgence:  Hot chocolate with peppermint Schnapps.

Current Blessing: My family and close friends.

Current Slang: Cray-cray (thanks a lot, KK)

Current Outfit: Cute black wrap dress, tights and faux Cardy Uggs.

Current Excitement: An afternoon nap.

Current Mood: Blah.

Current Link: I always love it when the lovely Andrea writes at her blog, CAFFEINATE-ME.



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4 responses to “Currently In November…

  1. I could have written at least half of this list!

    Mad Men, Real Housewives, new camera, Christmas music…. love love love love!

    Hope your shoulder starts feeling better asap!!

  2. To enhance your endulges: Twilight…aka crack in a bookstore…is amazing…if when you are done you want the copy of Midnight Sun – the first book that was leaked so it was published by SM…its basically the first book in Edwards perspective…pls let me know….also you are in for a great read for Eclipse and Breaking Dawn…by far my favorites of the series – and ADD BAILEYS to your hot chocolate and pepermint schnapps (1 oz plus 1/2 oz PS) aaaaand whip cream on top with chocolate shavings….uh huh! SO GUD!

  3. Red is a great color. I love it year round! And I’m also wanting to get into the Christmas spirit. I’m catalog shopping Christmas decorations like it’s my job!

  4. You need to stop posting links to your favourite bloggers because every time you do that, I feel compelled to check them out and then end up loving them and add them to my feed reader. Do you know I now have an entire section of my feed reader called “Just a Titch Links” and it has 19 blogs in it? You’re singlehandedly responsible. Just so you know.

    And yes, I added Caffeinate Me.

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