This Is It

Last night, Leslie and I went to dinner and to see “This Is It.”  Because we like to keep things classy, we decided to sneak some libations into the theatre.  Sorry, mom and dad.  But it was cold, and I really wanted a little treat.  We stopped at Starbucks, and I ordered a hot chocolate with room.  The barista looked confused and asked me how much room.  I showed her with my fingers.  She then inquired why on earth I’d need such a thing, and I tried to evade her question, but she kept asking how and why and WHAT I WAS GOING TO ADD until I finally hissed, “PEPPERMINT SCHNAPPS!”


The movie itself was amazing.  Michael Jackson was immensely talented, despite his weirdness.  It actually made me really sad to think of how his genius was overshadowed by his craziness.  And no, I am not letting him off the hook for crimes he may or may not have committed, but he really was this amazing musical gift.  As a musical person, I really appreciated seeing that side of him.  It made me sad that he’s gone, and that the last years of his life were so tumultuous.  Still, the concert would have been awesome, and the movie was great.

Do you know what isn’t great?  Annoying movie-goers.  We were seated behind a woman who had two seats next to her that were very clearly saved.  A woman and her husband strolled in, mid-previews and asked if they could sit there.  When the woman explained that she’d saved them, the other woman goes, “There’s nobody in ’em!”

Um.  That’s the point of SAVING, Captain Obvious.

Anyways, next to us, there was an older-ish couple.  They came in after the movie had started, and the guy just plunged right in, without letting me move my ginormous bag.  He’s sooooo lucky that he didn’t break my iPhone.  He and his wife whipped out giant boxes of candy and plastic bags of god-knows-what and began chowing down.  I freaking hate loud chewing, and these two?!  LOUDEST CHEWERS EVER.  But this wasn’t the worst.  The worst was the FOOT TAPPING.  “This Is It” is essentially a movie of what would have been Michael Jackson’s final concerts, so there was a lot of music.  And these two? TAPPED ALONG TO EVERY SONG.  Loudly, distractingly so.  I don’t know if my precious peppermint treat kept me from noticing at first, but by the end of the movie, I WAS PLUGGING ONE EAR trying to drown it out.

This is why I shouldn’t go out in public.  I get annoyed wayyyy too easily.



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6 responses to “This Is It

  1. I love that you showed a barista how much room you needed in bartender code and SHE DID NOT UNDERSTAND.

    In related news: Yum! I am totally trying that.

  2. That hot chocolate “recipe” sounds so tasty! However, I must say that I am completely against seat-saving– especially given that this couple walked in during the previews, and the people with seats being saved for them weren’t there? I mean, come on. I have gotten in full-on arguments with perfect strangers about seat-saving, and would certainly give up “saved” seats for late friends. (It’s a movie! I’m not going to look like a jerk because YOU can’t be on time, friends…).

  3. Dude, I HATE it when people misbehave in movie theaters. HATE.
    I keep hearing good things about this movie. However, I think the next time I go to a movie I’m going to have to make my husband take me to see the new Twilight. Even though I know there will be so many ANNOYING “AWWWWW”ing teenage girls there and he will hate it. Those peppermint schnapps are sounding like a good idea, come to think of it …
    (also? the last movie I saw in a theater was the last Harry Potter. Which I liked. But it’s been a WHILE).

  4. 1- That barista was rude. Why is it her business what you’re going to add. If you ask for room, she should give you freaking room.

    2- I get very easily annoyed by movie goers. I only go to the movies on Mon-Thurs to hopefully avoid the majority of them.

    • That hot chocolate sounds sooooo good! I think I will have to try that some time 🙂 I get annoyed with people at the movies to, so I only go if it is a movie I REALLY want to see.

  5. I sooooooooo feel this. We should start a movie going experience for non-stupids only.

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