Jealous? You should be.




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26 responses to “Jealous? You should be.

  1. Carolina

    You are lovely! As is your handwriting…(and I’m not even sucking up!)

    I love reading your blog (everytime I get a decent internet connection I spend time catching up all on your blogs on justatitch and the others you link to) and always look forward to your amazing way with words, whether casual and funny, or deep and emotional. I don’t want to sound too cheesy, but you really do inspire me to want to write more.

    And yes, I am jealous 😉

    • Merissa

      Uhmmm, I heart that we both love our handwriting so much. Hope you’re feeling better! 🙂

      PS–your handwriting is gorgeous. ❤

  2. Your handwriting reminds of the font they used in the Babysitter’s Club special books- that is to say, I love it! It is awesome.

  3. I am completely jealous! My script/handwriting is nice when I concentrate but when I’m not (like most of the time), its a lovely mashing of print and script, even throughout different points in a word. :\

  4. This is a great idea! Your handwriting is amazing!

  5. I recently stumbled across your blog (and have already completely forgotten how) and I just wanted to say I have enjoyed reading your posts. So far I have been inspired to a) consider keeping a paper/pen planner next year instead of online (because investing in awesome pens sounds like so much fun!) and b) start practicing the the heck out of my handwriting, because yours is just incredible!

  6. your handwriting is so elegant. I’m stalling on my mix CDs, because I can’t live up to how you adressed mine!

  7. You DO have adorable handwriting. It reminds me of the font I used on my blog, which I obviously love. You should make your handwriting into a font!

  8. Ha! Ever since I saw this I figured it was only a matter of time until you posted. I had remembered you saying you loved your handwriting before The Blathering. It is lovely, btw…

  9. Ari

    Not trying to suck up or anything. . . but your handwritting is really nice. . . I like your “a”s

  10. DUDE! That is the coolest handwriting ever. Ugh, that makes me NOT want to post mine! Okay, mine is okay (it’s really my signature that I hate).

  11. love, love, love this. and yes, i am totally jealous. but i also might have to give it a try!


  12. Susie

    Found you via Lemmonex. You DO have pretty handwriting!

  13. I love this idea. I must cave to the peer pressure!

  14. I am jealous!! I can write nicely, when I choose to, but mostly I get bored after two lines and end up writing a mess that even I can’t read later. I do try my hardest to keep my work notebook in good shape, but it’s just boring printing. I have taken up letter writing again though, like back in the olden days with stamps and envelopes, it’s been heaps of fun and I’ve been attempting to up my penmanship again!

  15. It is beautiful! I never really liked my handwriting and in 8th grade I decided to totally change it. But it didn’t feel natural so I went back to the real way and have since accepted it. And, as a fellow pen lover I know you’ll appreciate this, there are some pens that I REFUSE to write with because it makes my handwriting look atrocious.

  16. You have awesome handwriting! And yes, I am very jealous.

    And very tempted to do a post of my own.

  17. Ahh, your handwriting is so beautiful! It should be a font, & if it was, I would most definitely use it.

  18. Your handwriting makes me smile.

  19. I love your handwriting! Oh my. I’m going to start practicing to improve mine now. Is it too late? Ooooh, I hope not.

  20. when i saw your day planner the other day i was all “i loooove her handwriting! is so cute!” : )

  21. I love your handwriting. I think you should totally submit it to be made into a font!! I’m going to do the handwriting post soon … you know, in all my FREE TIME.

  22. I am really jealous of my handwriting. My handwriting isn’t bad, it’s just pretty boring and not consistent, and I cannot control what type of handwriting day it is going to be. It’s like good hair days and bad hair days.

  23. Christina

    I don’t care what that anonymous blogger says – you brag about what you are good at all you want! Your handwriting is something that makes me smile when I see it on an envelope in my mailbox! It is just one small representation of your general awesomeness!

  24. You really do have awesome handwriting.

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