Who would have thought that a HANDWRITING post would generate my first lil hateful comment?  Not me.  In fact, I thought it was rather UNCONTROVERSIAL.  Apparently, this reader feels like, “I am always posting about how good I am at everything” and “I seem to think everything I do is awesome.”


Well, just to clarify, I don’t think that.  I honestly thought I kept it pretty self-depracating around here.  I suppose I just don’t spend time blogging things I am an EPIC FAIL at.  And believe me, that list would be longggg. 

But, for you, dear, sweet, person who thinks you’re ANONYMOUS (though, I’m willing to bet money that I know who you are!), I will post a list of things you probably wouldn’t like about me if you knew me for realz:

1)  I am terrible at math.  As in, the most basic of addition can stump me, and don’t even bother asking me a fraction-decimal question.  I tutored some 5th graders last year, and believe me when I tell you that their math really made me GRIND MY GEARS.

2)  My car is not always clean.  I commute at least an hour each way, which means there is a menagerie of coffee cups and snacks and teacher crap.  I have been much better about this as of late, but to my knowledge, there is still a liter of Diet Coke on my passenger seat.  Sorry.

3)  I am organized, but I do procrastinate.  Currently, I have a stack of papers a mile high I need to grade.  I hate grading.  So, I don’t do it right away.  Then, I get all short and stressy and frantic.  The last two weeks of any quarter are guarenteed to be hellish, and that is totally my fault.

4)  I can be socially awkward.  I get nervous making phone calls, and trust me when I saw I prefer G-chat to the telephone.  It’s not you, it’s me.  I get wicked nervous when I meet new people.  And while I might put on the brave face, I don’t like it at all and am usually trying to not pass out or sound ridiculous.  It’s true.

5)  I am a perfectionist.  I like things my way and while I usually try and keep this under control, it occasionally rears its ugly head. 

6)  I sometimes take jokes too far.  Listen, if something is funny to me, I’m gonna keep it rockin’.  This annoys some people.  But look: I don’t tease people I don’t genuinely LIKE.  If I don’t like you, I don’t joke with you.  So, my sarcasm is like a special hug.

7) I AM THE WORST AT MAKING DECISIONS.  Like, the very, very worst person ever.  I never want to choose where to have dinner or what time to meet or where to go.  I am the worst.  When I have to make major life decisions?  EVEN WORSE.  I hem and haw, and beg everyone around me TO MAKE THE CHOICE FOR ME.  I just hate it.  I want a crystal ball and someone else to choose while I remit complete control of all involved in the situation.  Which I never get.  And that troubles me.

So, to all y’all who seem to think I view myself as a perfect creature, here ya go.  And this?  This is just the stuff I am willing to blog.  Also, side note: have you read all of my weight loss posts?  THAT’S WHAT I THOUGHT.



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20 responses to “HATE MAIL

  1. Katy

    Didn’t someone super wise once say “He who has no sin cast the first stone”???

    Whoever hated on you needs to take a good long look at themselves first. Condolences my dear. You don’t deserve that. And we all know we have downfalls… that’s what makes us human. Not proclaiming it at every possible opportunity is ALSO what makes us human (we have pride!).

  2. Hate mail? Girl….you’ve arrived! 🙂 haha

  3. I’m socially awkward too! I prefer email to phone conversations, and my conversations with some people always seem to be awkward…

  4. I much prefer email to phone conversations also. I hate math with a passion- I can write an A research paper in a day but give me math and I’ll probably end up crying in a ball on the ground. Oh and my car is usually a mess. I get you.

  5. Meh, I figure I should just ignore the mean comments. I get them so rarely, it hurts a little because it’s a bit of a shock. But I figure it’s better if I don’t react.

    Although, if I had hate mail like Dooce’s? I would totally post a mocking commentary about it like she does. Hilarious.

  6. Or maybe everything you do IS awesome. Ever think about that??

  7. I’ve never gotten hate mail or a hate comment, which is good because I’m super-duper sensitive. And it would probably make me stop blogging. Seriously.

    But hate mail over your handwriting post? Um, did s/he SEE it? Your handwriting IS awesome. And I think anybody who reads this blog knows you don’t post about how awesome you are for every blog post. Read the blog!

  8. Fuck your fucking hate mailer. What the fuck is so wrong with saying you are good at something on your own website? Why should you fell like you have to enumerate things you aren’t great at instead of singing your own praises. I think it’s time for women to stop being do damn hateful to each other and themselves.

    Sorry about my foul language. Feel free to edit it out or delete this whole comment if you want.

  9. Ari

    The way I see it is that its your blog – you can be perfect and awesome (and awesomely perfect) here if you want – its YOURS.

    Boo on the hater! Nobody’s forcing you to read – so if you have a problem with the tone of the blog then JUST DON’T READ! Its really that simple.

  10. i hate trolls.

    i had a bad experience once.

    it was awful.

  11. You’ve MADE IT! You’ve been hit by a troll!
    (isn’t that the sign of a famous blogger? I THINK SO!). Sorry dear. Sometimes the crappy people are the loudest (except in OUR cases of course!! HAAAA!).

  12. You should write the troll a thank-you note. In your lovely cursive. Letting him/her know that you are now an official, fancy blogger AND you have awesome handwriting. SO SUCK IT.

  13. A handwriting post has to be the oddest way to attract hatemail. Very very odd. LiLu will be jealous when she returns! I’m under no illusion that you are perfect (who is!), but I love reading your blog, it’s definitely in the top 5 on my reading list. The hater is just jealous of your many talents and the awesomeness of your handwriting pushed them over the edge.

  14. If your lovely blog gets that person so riled up, crikey, they really need to get out more.
    A litre of Diet Coke in the car? Sounds like you’re the one to come to for a ride. One question though, any emergency chocolate in the glove compartment? I never travel without the emergency chocolate! ;P

  15. And just to show how much I enjoy your blog, please forgive me for using one of your ideas in my blog today. Things I couldn’t live without.

  16. I do believe no one FORCED he/she to read along … that sucks. For me, the blog world is such a nice escape from reality – all warm and cozy and friendly. Why do some ppl gotta run everything??

  17. You my dear are too funny! I can’t get over all of your bad points (which really aren’t bad at all) as I have the same ones! It’s as if you were writing about me…NOW who’s being self centered?!

  18. I loved your handwriting by the way! I couldn’t do one of these because mine is TERRIBLE. I have an old fashioned scrawl. I need to work on my penmanship like woah.

    I got one of those comments (it wasn’t anon, I don’t allow those) on my pumpkin posts though, a “You’re perfect!” comment lol Who are these people that think that? Clearly they don’t know us, it’s our flaws that make us charming.

  19. Someone actually wrote you hate mail about that post? Talk about someone with too much time on their hands…

  20. Christina

    So you are controversial now. That’s awesome! It’s our blog, so write what you will, typed or handwritten! Love you!

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