Can’t Live Without

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When you decide to be a teacher, you’re basically deciding that you can live without a lot of things.  Sure, I make enough to live on, to pay rent with, and to eat with; however, I do NOT make enough to go on extravagant shopping sprees or have a fancy new car or anything like that.  Does it bother me?  Sometimes, yes.  Because, like most of us, there are things I want, things I need, and things I absolutely, positively, cannot live without.

It’s easy to list the things that make up my day; the tools I use, the things I do, and what makes them possible.  Here are a few for me:

I need my coffee. If I didn’t have my coffee, what would I drink while I chat with students and my co-workers?  What would warm me up while I prepared my lessons for the day?  And it’s not just in the morning—nothing beats curling up with your girlfriends for a cup of coffee after work.  Coffee makes my life so much sweeter.  I can’t live without white legal pads, and my black pens (y’all know how I feel about my pens!) to make my endless lists on.  Money may be tight, but I am never without a plethora of pens and a good white pad of paper.  Never.  I write down things to do, places to be, gifts to purchase, and exactly what I need to get done.  Beyond my lovely lists, how would I remember my friends’ birthdays, my dinner dates and coffee plans without my planner?  I couldn’t keep my brain organized if I didn’t have that little book.  And don’t forget the internet. Nothing spins me into a frenzy faster than having no connection.  How else can I keep on top of what my friends tweet and blog and write.  Perhaps my most integral internet tool is my iPhone.  I have never known love for technology the way I love my iPhone.  I can text, talk, tweet and follow along with my friends any time, and from any where.

The funny thing is that when I look at my list, I see a bunch of items, sure, but what I mostly see are the connections they allow me to create.  Coffee gives me something do drink and enjoy while I connect; my lists and planner allow me to keep track of when I will be connecting and what I’ll be doing.  The internet, and my iPhone keep me in touch with all the people in my life that matter the most.

So, maybe, it’s not things I can’t live without, but the amazing people who fill my life, and all the big and small ways I get to connect with them.



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6 responses to “Can’t Live Without

  1. At my last job, I was in charge of ordering the ENTIRE school’s supplies when we were handed our budgets. My second year in, I ordered roughly 50 legal pads. Yes. I love me some legal pads and School Specialty was running a sweet deal, so my boss looked at me like I was crazy. But legal pads are a necessity in my life!

  2. kel

    Funny. I was just talking to a friend about how deciding to be a teacher has led me to accept a life full of mediocrity (at least materialistically speaking, anyway).

  3. Maria

    Loved the post and could relate to a lot of it because I also teach. While I took a huge paycut when I switched careers from Certified Public Accountant to teacher, I am blessed beyond measure. Material things don’t last but the difference we make in a child’s life is a much greater treasure.

  4. That is a great way to look at your priorities.

  5. You really are a stickler for your pens! I don’t blame you one bit though.

  6. I think there are very few people who can afford absolutely everything they want. As we make more money, we want more expensive and more extravagant things. I think there’s something to be said for someone who appreciates (I mean REALLY appreciates) the smaller things in life … it gives us time to understand that some of the best things in life do not come with a price tag.

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