Game Face

As my blog posts probably demonstrate, I love my boyfriend.  He is funny and smart and usually a pleasure to be around.  Except for this one, tiny thing.

Game Face.

We really love playing games.  Both of us are competitive, and many people are a bit scared by our game playing—we talk a lot of trash, but both of us know it’s usually all in good fun.  Unless it’s Scrabble, that’s when the claws come out.  We play games at home pretty often, just the two of us, and we usually have a lot of fun doing it.

BUT.  You knew there had to be a but, right?  Right.

Sometimes, we play a trivia inspired game, something like Trivial Pursuit, Wits End, or something similar and Andrew does this thing. You know—one of those things couples have about the another that annoys them, like eating cereal, chewing gum, burping out loud.  A thing.

I call it Game Face.  Here’s how it works.  I ask an easy question.  Example: “Upon graduation from medical school, doctor’s usually take an oath, beginning with the line, ‘I swear by Apollo, the healer…’  What is this oath called?”

Andrew then hems and haws, acting as if he has no idea.  He looks up at the ceiling, scratches his head, and acts genuinely confused.  Until you show the slightest bit of excitement, like you might actually win the point.  And then?  Then he collapses laughing, like this:


He laughs and laughs at you for thinking there was some chance in hell that he might NOT know something so obvious.  And then he laughs and laughs at you for being excited about potentially scoring a point.  And then?  He pats himself on the back for actually knowing.

It’s fun.  Can you feel the sarcasm?  Because trust me, IT IS THERE.

And by the way, the thinks this is the funniest thing ever.  He does it so often that I don’t even bite anymore.  I just assume he knows the answer.

Until he doesn’t.




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7 responses to “Game Face

  1. Christina

    Why am I not at all surprised by this behavior??? : ) He does like the think he knows everything… but between us gals, I know you know it all, too!

  2. tabithablogs

    That is pretty hilarious, and at the same time I can totally see how it could become a bit frustrating. 😛 Good for you for being a good sport!

  3. lol! That’s kind of amazing.

  4. Ha…should I admit I do this exact same thing with my mom when we play games?

    Probably not.

  5. I can honestly say that I have fist faught over monopoly! only when my hubby and i play but really, it lasts usually until 6 or 7 am when we do and could literally go on longer; however, we are both insatiable monopoly players…lol…

  6. rat bastard.

    but funny.

    especially when he doesn’t know.


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