Better days, weird obsessions and PLEASE HELP ME

Thanks for the comments, emails, texts, calls and such on my rather melancholy post yesterday.  We all have those bummer days, you know?  Now, it’s on to bigger and better things.  And even in the midst of the crap, there are my hilarious friends and co-workers, glasses of wine with my mom, hugs from my dad, and new fingerless gloves from the biggest sweetheart-knitter extraordinaire to make my days all the more bearable.  Combine that with some great emails, and a fun weekend on the horizon, and life looks pretty sweet.

Can we talk about this awesomeness right here?:


Michael Scott AND my favorite video of all time {NSFW, just in case YOU’VE NEVER SEEN THE BEST SNL DIGITAL SHORT OF ALL TIME!}?  This has promise to make my Thursday freaking amazing.

In other news:

1.  I really, really want to go see “This Is It.”  I can never pretend to be the world’s biggest MJ fan, but I love his music.  Plus, a movie that features upbeat songs AND no plot that I could probably drink along to sounds like just what the doctor ordered.  Any takers, yo?

2.  Y’all really shocked me with the pen solidarity.  Don’t steal a writer’s pen.  Just don’t.  I’m glad I wasn’t written off as a total freaking PSYCHO.

3.  Can we talk about one slightly weird TV obsession I have?  Law and Order: SVU.  Okay, so like most things in my life, I have rules for it: I have to be able to finish the episode, because hi, that rapist could totally come bludgeon me.  And I need to know that Benson and Stabler have handled business and that’s I’m going to BE FINE.  But, dudes, can they just hook up already?  I watched last night’s episode, and I just found myself PRAYING that he’d come to his senses and handle that business.

4.  I have a weird obsession with wanting to play DJ Hero.  I suck at Guitar Hero.  But, I think being a DJ would be awesome.  Plus, the commercial includes Justice, one of my favorite bands of all time.  Now all I need is a Wii or a Playstation, and of course, DJ Hero.  Umm…anyone?

5.  This weekend, I am taking some students on a big field trip.  Like, a 4 hour away field trip.  4 hours there + 4 hours back = 8 HOURS ON A SCHOOL BUS WITH STUDENTS.  Are there any new bands, podcasts, etc. you’d recommend that I download so I can keep my sanity?  Seriously, y’all…8 hours on a bus with 12-14 years old.  You’d best be leaving me some suggestions in the comments.



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10 responses to “Better days, weird obsessions and PLEASE HELP ME

  1. I just found this band called Mika through someone else’s blog. Check out their song Love Today. Very upbeat.

  2. First of all: *hug* Just because!

    Here is some amazing music I’m currently enjoying myself.

    1. Muse – The Resistance. I’m starting to turn to the idea that it’s their best album ever.

    2. Owl City. I found them through Pandora and can’t get enough of their upbeat and clever synthesizer pop.

    3. This one is going out on a limb, but if by some chance you like a little metal mixed with some comedy the new Dethklok album is stellar. It will rock your face clean off.

  3. Juley Robarge Woods

    Your field trip sounds like a lot of fun…
    some of my suggestions would be fun camp-songs (I said a boom chicka boom…), 99 bottles of rootbeer on the wall, I never game (have heard it is a drinking game, but also used at younglife).

    You could bring embroidery thread (they could make bracelets).

    You could start with a notebook at the front of the bus and have each person write one line of story, etc…maybe start with something like, “It all started out with a mysterious bus ride….”
    Pass it around the whole bus, and then at the end read it aloud.

    Even though junior highers have “matured” way fast, they still like to have a ‘clean-fun’ time, and I am always amazed at how excited some get just to have individualized attention, etc…

    Maybe you could keep rotating seats until you sat with every kid on the bus…you could have a bunch of different questions written down (such as, If you could be on any planet for a month, which one would it be…), and they could pick one out of a pumpkin to ask you, and you could ask them as well.

    I think you have a wonderful opportunity that lies ahead of you this weekend! Have a fantastic trip!

  4. Juley Robarge Woods

    A few more suggestions….
    When my sister and her friends visit at my house (quite frequently), I have a no technology rule. They don’t use cell phones or ipods, and we can actually enjoy one anothers company…I highly suggest it!!!

    They could make rad felt necklaces, or sew little pouches…all they would need is a small bit of fabric and a needle and thread and ribbon. I have an abundance I would be willing to donate if needed!
    Also, where are you going? Maybe I can give you some themed ideas?

    And there is always trivia…super fun!

  5. You just referenced Justice, The Office, and Dick in a Box in the same post. LET’S BE BEST FRIENDS FOREVER.

  6. How about something like episodes of “This American Life” from NPR?

  7. I’ve never been into crime shows, but when my husband started DVR’ing Law & Order SVU (and there are marathons ALL the time) I figured I’d give it a try. It now has a special place in my heart. 🙂

  8. pinwheel28

    5th-8th is going on a field trip 5 minutes from our school tomorrow, and I’m dreading the bus. However, we are going to a movie theater, which will be some nice peace and quiet, whew.

  9. Juley Robarge Woods

    I just heard “this american life” for the first time on Saturday. It was fantastic…it was about angels and demons…

  10. law and order svu omg elliot and olivia make the eff out already.


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