20SB Blog Swap day!

This is my second time participating in the 20SB Blog Swap! This time brings a bit of an “overseas flavor” as I was paired with the lovely Elly Rarg of New Zealand!  I’ve always wanted to visit there, and now, I have an even better reason.  Her writing is lovely.  I hope you enjoy her post here today, and don’t forget to check me out over there, either!  I’m posting today about childhood and missing things and all sorts of nostalgia.

Without further adieu, the words of Elly:

I was whinging, I was. About the state of things. About being hurt and scared and wary, and about being reckless and impulsive and about freaking out and running away. About being broken, about displaying false bravado and saying “fuck it”. About going after things I wanted, about things that weren’t mine, and about things that I “should” be going after. And my friend (who is really The Boys friend) did what he always does, and provided hope for a someone who didn’t have any.

“Bubbly, music, sex, stars, blankets, bonfire”, he said. “That will help.”

It would. And it almost irks me that he can pull out an ideal scenario (if not ridiculously unfeasible) from nowhere, and know that’s what I’d want. It irks me that this friend who I’m not meant to be friends with understands. Who see’s brokeness in someone and just accepts that its there, and as long as it doesn’t become his brokeness he’s okay to listen. To talk. To understand. And the best thing? He doesn’t try to fix it. He and I both know that that’s something I have to do.

But I’m glad that if nothing else, I can be brutally honest with him. And he gets it. It’s a both a pity and a blessing that he lives a 4 hour drive away.

“Like that would happen”, I said. “It’s not fair”, I said.

And just to prove that really, I should get over myself and stop being so melodramatic, he says:

“I need a chick with a lollipop head. So I can lick her face.”

Sometimes, it’s the ridiculous that puts you in your place. That says politely, but firmly, it’s time to stop whinging now. Friends don’t come better than this, really.


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One response to “20SB Blog Swap day!

  1. The Boy’s friend sounds cute!
    Don’t say you don’t have hope – you do!

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