I think I’ve mentioned this before, but I LOVE Anne Lamott.  Seriously.  She wrote this little gem for Oprah’s magazine, and I just think it’s lovely.

For all of us who are figuring it out, learning, growing, changing or just hoping to do any of the above, I think this hits the nail on the head.

Happy Sunday, friends.



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6 responses to “Inspired.

  1. That’s a beautiful piece!

  2. I bought this Oprah magazine yesterday as a total impulse buy at Raley’s because the teaser for the cover article just called to me. I was delighted when I got in and found out it was an Anne Lamott article. Doesn’t she just articulate everything perfectly!?!?

    I guess I could have saved myself $4 and just read it online…haha The rest of the mag is pretty inspiring too…along the same lines as what Lamott is talking about.

  3. Sam

    Oh! Now I have to go get it! I really do love the Oprah magazine. But I love Anne Lamott a thousand times more.

  4. amy

    Thank you for sharing. I may read it every morning over my oatmeal for a daily reminder.

  5. I literally JUST read this issue last night. Lots of great little gems sprinkled throughout.

  6. Love Anne Lamott…. reading her book Hard Laugher currently!

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