Friday Faves…

I am so looking forward to the weekend.  My first week back at work really flew by, but I am ready to sleep in with no alarm, to sit and drink coffee on my couch, see my family, read and enjoy not being at work.  Oh, and go back to the dentist, because I am addicted to nitrous basically BFF with the dentist now.

Here’s what I’m in love with this week:

—Well, first, you should go read my Fun Friday post at Style Lush so you can be totally jealous of my presents and my awesome girlfriend-ness.

—I read this post this morning, and it absolutely took my breath away—creativity thrives on routine.  I’ve never thought about my pursuits in this manner.  This post is definitely worth a read.  Big thanks to Danielle LaPorte for this one.

—I have fat calves, but I want these UGGs so, so, SO MUCH.  But, since I refuse to pay over $30 for any shoe, it’s unlikely they’ll ever be mine.  Still, love them.  I think I just need some boots.  Kmart brand UGGS?  I have no shame.

This post by Doniree really sums up something I struggle with so deeply.  Are you behind your choices?

—I’ve already shared my mental health story but Nicole really knocked this one out of the park this week.  I so admire people who are OPEN about what is usually a private struggle.

—Also from Style Lush, I am really looking forward to making these cookies this weekend.

—Brandy is the cutest and this blogging post is so great.  Good advice for ANY new blogger.

—I loved this post from one of my favorite ladies, and fellow “what if” question asker, despite the fact that it unleashed my own list of “what if’s.”

—Finally, my lovely Lexa wrote her own take on Facebook unfriending after my little Facebook rant this week.

Here’s wishing you a weekend full of friends, pumpkin-flavored everything, family, laughter, joy and SLEEPING IN!



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7 responses to “Friday Faves…

  1. I choose my choice! I choose my choice! Thanks so much for the shout-out, love 🙂

  2. Merissa

    Amy, I’ve had my Cardy UGGs for 2 years. They are one of my favorite items that I own–and totally worth every cent. You can also buy new insoles for them when they wear down! I’m
    telling you, my uggs and a cute jean skirt is a staple for fall/winter! Ooooh, and leggings in the winter time. I am now gonna go get mine and put them on…maybe you should send a letter to Santa?! 🙂

  3. tabithablogs

    On the topic of fat calves and UGGs…

    1) I have HUGE calves! Seriously, when I go to sit on the toilet and pee, I have to pull REALLY hard on my jeans to get them to come down off my calves. And I always wish I could get a pair of boots with zippers that come up to my knee, but they will NEVER. ZIP. UP.

    2) Old Navy has UGG-like boots and they’re always having great sales! I got a pair a couple weeks ago during their big 15th anniversary sale that were originally $35 and I think I paid 25 or so. 🙂

  4. kel

    Since you’re not in SoCal and it might not be 90 degrees where you live, I’ll let the Uggs slide. They are cute, after all. But if wear them in 75+ degree weather, I’m going to hurt you.

  5. You could also get a regular pair of comfy shoes or even booties and wear them with some really cutie knit leg warmers. Same effect!

  6. Jen

    You should check out your Target. Ours has shoes that look a lot like the Uggs you posted as well as some that look like the stereotypical Uggs.

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