The Girl Who Lived

I am happy to report that I survived my root canal.  Actually, I did more than that: it actually went well.  I seriously need to give a shout-out to the dental office I went to, because they have been nothing but awesome and accommodating to me.  I haven’t felt badly about being sort of a spaz about the dentist, even for a second.  They are working with my insurance, my budget, my everything.  I cannot recommend Pleasant Dental in Roseville, CA highly enough.  If you’re in town, and need a dentist, you should seriously go see them.  NOW.

Anyways, I was amazed at how well it went.  Andrew had to drive me because I was basically high as a kite, which was an interesting experience.  I took a valium prior to the appointment, which took me to my “happy place.”  And by happy place, I mean, a place where I wasn’t completely nervous as heck!  My heart stopped pounding, and I sort of relaxed into the fact that I was going to be drilled into.

Next came nitrous.  Ahh, nitrous.  Have you had the pleasure?  Because it is amazing.  No jokes.  I put on my little nitrous mask and all of a sudden, I didn’t care what was done to me.  I didn’t feel the shots.  I didn’t feel them start to drill.  Basically, I slept with my mouth open for AN HOUR AND A HALF while they poked and prodded and worked.  It makes you feel floaty and high and sort of crazy.  I’m not a druggie in any sense of the word (hi, paranoia!) but nitrous is basically amazing.  Seriously.  It makes everything better.

I do think I scared my dentist for a hot minute when I raised my “pain hand”  wildly.  Um, no, I wasn’t in pain.  I just realized that if I didn’t pee right that second?  I might have peed my pants (well, skirt) because I was so relaxed, I didn’t realize that I had to go to the bathroom.  THAT’S how relaxed I was.

All in all, it was a good experience.  I completely lost track of time, and after 90 minutes, I floated home.  Andrew made me macaroni and cheese, and I laid on the couch.

Best of all?  I am know longer wishing for sweet death due to tooth pain.

I have a litany of tooth ailments, but now?  I’m not so petrified.



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12 responses to “The Girl Who Lived

  1. Katy

    Congrats! I know what a relief it must be to have something that has stressed you out over with. I’ve been there…

  2. WHEW! I’m glad you’re still alive. And even better, you’re done with it. You never have to stress about it again.


  4. Nitrous is definitely an experience. I was put under when I got my wisdom teeth removed because all four were impacted. After the mask went on I remember talking for a few minutes with the dentist about my tattoo and then being asked to count down from 10. I think I got to 7 and don’t remember anything but waking up when it was all over.

  5. Oh, I’m so glad you found such an awesome dentist. Now maybe you won’t be so scared to go? If you go for regular checkups at least once a year maybe you will never have a tooth problem get to a point that you’re in so much pain 😦

  6. Man, the dentist never gives me the appropriate drugs!! I think I need to act more horrified in order to get drugged up right. Thanks for the tip!

  7. Nitrous is the most amazing thing ever. Although, valium’s right up there, too. I’ve only had nitrous once, when I got my wisdom teeth out, and it was exactly how you described it. I’ve taken valium on a couple occasions and while it totally helps with anxiety, I can’t even IMAGINE taking it on a regular basis! There is no way I could function while on it.

    I’m so glad you had a great dentist experience!

  8. Amy, I love this little nook you have created here. I stole the meme you did the other day…hope that’s ok!

  9. Nitrus and Valium…oh my!
    Just keep the Vitamin C in your system…lolso you dont crash..glad to hear about the afternoon fix! If only Friday’s could turn into Valium day…hmmm

  10. So glad you’re over your fear- just keep taking the meds!! I was convinced I was fine & then realized that I could feel my tongue…. which must have meant that I was still kind of frozen? The pain that I faced the next morning when I had been 8 hours off of pain killers made me nearly throw up. Brutal.

  11. OK…so you made having a root canal seem like complete and utter FUN! Hm…

  12. thankyoumam

    I, too, love me some nitrous. Pretty sure my dentist would give it to me to just to have my teeth cleaned, or on a random Saturday night, if I called him, which is why I adore him. I basically think it’s because he’s a lech and he knows he can freely hit on me while I’m on the gas and I’ll just look at him all googly eyed and make indecipherable, drooly responses around the dental instruments. So, long story short, it’s a win for both of us.

    PS – Hi, I’m Meredith, and your blog is fantastic!

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