Too long to tweet, too short to blog

The title of this post, my friends, is a regular problem in my life.  I have deep thoughts, yo.  Lots of them.  But some are too long for Twitter; yet, they are not long enough to actually blog.  So, you get this ridiculous list format, which you will enjoy, because I said you should.

  1. First of all, my dad survived Day 1 of chemo, and was doing just fine as of last night.  The nausea medication seems to be keeping his nausea at bay, and he was eating dinner when I called.  Thank you for your continued prayers and good thoughts—he’ll be on this round until Friday, and then takes 28 days off while the chemo “does its thing.”  Here’s to hoping that it continues to NOT make him sick.
  2. I was shocked to read of how many of you regularly unfriend people on Facebook.  Oddly enough, this simple fact helped me feel better; however, H and I were not simply “old acquaintances” and had seen each other as recently as last month.  I suppose that I need to just sack up and accept the fact that she doesn’t want to be friends, or maybe she does and couldn’t tell me, or maybe Andrew’s comment is right on the money…there is a lot of history in this “friendship” that should probably be a) accepted by me or b) discussed with my therapist.  Only half kidding there.
  3. Is it weird that I like to wear the same outfit over and over?  Sometimes, I get so attached to something that I just want to wear it for awhile.  Between washings, obvs.  I wish that people weren’t so creeped out by my love for my green cardigan or my black dress.  Sigh.
  4. I had a staff development day yesterday, and as you read this, am probably trapped in a room with 8th graders, or will be soon.  NOT READY FOR THIS.  This year is really, really, really stretching me as a person, and as an educator.  I am thankful for the break we just had, but am also hoping I can just make it through the next 9 weeks.
  5. In addition to wearing the same outfit repeatedly, sometimes, I just want to eat the same foods.  Right now: raisin bran, soup, pad se ew, this really delicious salad from a place called Pluto’s.  I just love routine.  So, so, so much.  And with routine comes food.
  6. Vicodin makes me crazier than normal.  My dreams?  OFF THE HOOK.  I have had the weirdest dreams I’ve ever had in my entire life the past three nights.  Vivid, strange and just plain insane.  As for my daytime behavior, I do a lot of staring.  Like, a lot of awkward gazing into the distance, mixed with some dozing.  It’s probs a good thing that I’m getting that root canal tomorrow.  Shockingly, I’m not feeling terribly anxious about it.  I sort of want it over with, because I am OVER being in constant pain and feeling like a stoner.
  7. “Where The Wild Things Are” was amazing.  Seriously.  I cried.  Oddly enough, I’m not sure little kids would really “get it” but as someone who loved the book, and loves Maurice Sendak, the movie was exquisite and emotional.  And the soundtrack is great, too, despite it being by Karen O. of “Maa-aaaaa-aaaaa-aaaaappppssss” fame, something I wasn’t super into.  But this soundtrack?  Super cute.  I just loved the whole thing.

I apologize for the lameness and/or brevity of this post.  If you want something better, you can read me over here today at Novelista Barista, writing about something I’ve NEVER shared on this blog before as part of her Broken Heart Files…oooh, scandalous!



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17 responses to “Too long to tweet, too short to blog

  1. Hi! I came here following a twitter response to Kyla Roma about crying at everything (b.c I do that, too). I’m also called Kyla, but not on the internet. (shhh, don’t tell anyone! 😉
    I regularly have deep (or not so deep) thoughts that are too long for twitter, but *sigh* I don’t have a blog b.c I would totally just fill it with mini-posts and never bother to write long ones and then no one would read it.
    Anyway, when I read your comment on wearing the same clothes, I said to myself, “Oh, I have to tell her that I do that with clothes AND food!” and then you said the same thing about food! It made me smile. But, do people really care if you wear the same thing? Maybe I just have an extremely tolerant/accepting partner who doesn’t complain about me being weird like that. I wonder if my acquaintances notice or care? hm.
    Vicodin has the same effect on me. I feel bad for my sister and then-boyfriend who had to tolerate me being all drugged out when I got my wisdom teeth out. Apparently I demanded to watch certain movies then did the staring/sleeping thing through them! I hope your procedure goes well today and you can get off the drugs soon!

    Also, here’s my mini-post to add to your list: I am on a personal mission to use the word “partner” as much as possible, especially when referring to hetero couples (like the one I’m part of). I’m working on helping common-usage English evolve into being less oppressive. (I also use “they” as a singular (gender-neutral) pronoun. And Grammar Girl said I could.)

  2. I’ve been taking a sleeping pill for about four years now… same effect. I have the weirdest dreams EVER (and they’re usually pretty violent, which I really don’t like).

    I’m so glad your father is doing well… cheer up, little one!


  3. I’ve been taking a sleeping pill for about four years now… same effect. I have the weirdest dreams EVER (and they’re usually pretty violent, which I really don’t like).

    I’m so glad your father is doing well… cheer up, little one!


  4. ohhayitskk

    sooo glad to hear about your dad 🙂

  5. I cannot WAIT to see “Where the Wild Things Are.” And thoughts and prayers for your papa.

  6. Hi!
    I found your blog through 20sb.
    I get the same way about my clothes as well, sweaters in particular. I can wear the same sweater (a zip up one) over a shirt for like, a week straight. The only thing that comforts me is that: a)no one seems to care and b) I take it off through the day, I more or less just wear it when I’m cold.

  7. Jaka Merriman

    Hooray for your dad feeling fine after chemo! Happy thoughts for continued good health. Also, don’t feel bad about wearing/eating the same thing all the time – I fall into those patterns, too, and it’s never been an issue. You don’t have to “change it up” all the time just cos other people do! ❤

  8. I do the same clothes/food over and over thing. It’s a force of habit until I get sick of it and start over with something new.

  9. So glad to hear about your dad 🙂

  10. so glad to hear about your dad as well. if it makes you feel any better, everyone i know is creeped out by my love for grey! ooooooooo…i cannot wait to see where the wild things are!


  11. I also cried during where the Wild Things Are. And, on top of that, when I wasn’t crying, I felt really, *really* sad. Which I really like in a movie.

    I’m happy your dad is doing okay.

  12. I’m glad your dad is doing well!

    I saw the movie and cried. I wasn’t a fan really. I wanted the movie to be happier, like I remember the book making me as a child. I don’t know.. I definitely wouldn’t recommend kids see it either, it’s way over their heads.

    Love your blog. 8)

  13. Steph

    I love routine. And eating the same thing over and over again. I am having black bean soup for lunch every day this week. Delish!

  14. I’m totally a sucker for routine too. When I was in university I ate hot dogs for lunch on the weekend every week for about a year and a half lol I’ve scaled back now! But I get it!

  15. Gina

    WHOA! Your (other) blog took my breathe away. Amy, next time we meet for coffee you will have to fill me in about this person who was such a creepy jerk! I’m intrigued…

  16. Your un-friending post came at such ironic timing for me, as you already know. Really, the whole thing is actually pretty funny.

    I wear the same thing over and over as well….mostly because I don’t like the way I look in other clothing.

    Also, I don’t know how you teach 8th graders for a living! PROPS to you, woman!

  17. Hi,

    Thank you for the great quality of your blog, every time i come here, i’m amazed.

    black hattitude.

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