On a few random thoughts…

First of all, THANK YOU, for all of the sweet comments, reposting and re-Tweeting of my post about teaching.  I appreciate that so many of you support the teachers you know and love.  I don’t mean to pull an Oprah on y’all, but I would challenge you to remember YOUR favorite teacher and find a way to thank them.  I have a box of cards and letters from kids I’ve taught and it’s one of my most treasured possessions.  Saying thank you or that a teacher made a difference is the best message we can get as teachers.  So, if you have a chance, drop them a note—we seriously love hearing from you.

Secondly, California is having a pretty decent storm today, leftovers from some super typhoon that struck Japan.  It’s windy, rainy and generally icky out, and while I recognize that the Midwest and Northeast mock us for our categorization of a storm that brings 2 inches of rain as a “big deal”, I am exceptionally happy to be curled up on my couch, with a blanket and a sweatshirt, and my only plans being to hook up with a friend for coffee today.  Yessss.  Oh, and watching the Rachel Zoe project finale, which I missed last night.  I DIE.

So, can I just be honest and say that I hate Halloween?  My reasons for hating it are threefold: 1) I HATE BEING SCARED.  So, all the scary movies on TV and creepy crap everywhere just annoy me.  And scare me.  Neither of which I like.  2)  I am a total party pooper and hate dressing up.  The last time I dressed up was to see the Rocky Horror Picture show and I totally had to have a drink before I could even enjoy myself because I just HATE dressing up.  It’s a huge pain.  3)  WHEN DID HALLOWEEN BECOME A NATIONAL HOLIDAY?!  When I was out running errands this weekend, I saw no less than three Halloween Seasonal Super Stores.  Really?!  I mean, what the heck?!

Am I the only one?!


Anyways, thanks for being lovely, and for reading along, and especially for your comments.  They make my day.  Hope you are cuddled up somewhere warm with coffee or tea or a martini or whatever your little heart desires.



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15 responses to “On a few random thoughts…

  1. I hate being scaredbut I LOVE LOVE Halloween!

  2. Well I don’t know about up where you are, but this storm is serious mad cakes in San Francisco. We are losing power, the whole bit. Let’s hope it passes soon, and let’s hope this is our only storm this season!

  3. I could probably name every teacher I’ve ever had, kindergarten through high school. Actually, my best friend recently told me that my 3rd grade teacher was diagnosed with leukemia and I can’t even tell you how upset I was at this news. I think of various teachers often, some more often than others, of course, but for some reason, I’ve never thought to send them a note, as maybe I assume they don’t remember me, since it’s been so long. Maybe I should send them a note…

  4. You ARE the only one. Halloween is awesome (though I, too, hate being scared). I love dressing up. Sometimes we dress silly and wear wigs to go out drinking. Ah, but that was in our youth… It’s been a while since we pulled those shenanigans.

  5. pinwheel28

    Okay, I really despise Halloween parties. Trick-or-treating was fun back in the day, but I’ve been over it for quite a while now.

  6. Oh, and about Halloween…never been a huge fan. But, then I worked a season at one of those Halloween stores. Cannot describe the hatred…

  7. Ugh. I, too, hate Halloween. It’s one of my mom’s and Steve’s favorite “holidays” (but, wait, is it REALLY a holiday???) and Steve actually proposed we MARRY on Halloween. Um, right.

    I’m just lazy. I don’t want to dress in a slutty pirate/policewoman/maid costume. I’ll wear my regular, baby-barfed on clothes and go as “frazzled mommy” instead, thank you.

  8. A Super Girl

    yeah…I’m not a huge fan of Halloween either. Also don’t like St. Patrick’s Day. I know, I’m a wet blanket 🙂

  9. I’m with you on Halloween. Thankfully that little hallmark ‘holiday’ hasn’t made it to NZ in a big way, but I’m totally not into the dressing up thing either. I have had groups of friend in the past who are endlessly having costume parties, I hate it (and usually protest by wearing what I wanna wear). Not to mention it gets really really expensive if you want to get into it in more than a half-ass way.

  10. awmb

    I’m going to pretend that Halloween comment never happened. *glares*

  11. I love love love Halloween!! It’s my favorite.

  12. I love the Halloween candy. And carving pumpkins. And, eh, I even kind of like haunted houses. But, I HATE dressing up for stupid Halloween parties. SO , SO annoying. Largely because I can NEVER, EVER think of a really good, clever costume!!

  13. I hate being scared, too. Somehow my mom (who loves that shit) always manages to drag me out to the latest slasher-flick, though…

    And the best part of Halloween is TOTALLY candy. Especially those little candycorn punkins. This is going to be the first year in ages that I’ve been home to celebrate, rather than at a drunken party, and, frankly, I’m looking forward to eating some candy and watching Halloween episodes of cartoons.

  14. FINALLY! Someone said what I want to say but fear the backlash! I hate, hate, HATE Halloween. Fifth grade was the last time I ever dressed up…but now I have to dress up this year for work. (But since I work at a preschool, it’s fun costumes not slutty ones)

    I’m not a fan of being scared or dressing up (because it’s usually so uncomfortable!) or any of that. I do like the Halloween candy. And for the first time ever, I’m going to a pumpkin patch and going to carve a pumpkin! I’ve never done it and I want to so, so badly!

    But yeah…totally get you!

  15. i hate being scared. love candy. such a dilemma. 😉

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