My Hair: A Photo Essay

Throughout the course of many of my friendships, I’ve often shared that my hair is a major source of STRUGGLE in my life.  And by struggle, I mean TOTAL PAIN.  I’m about to take you through a journey, a journey of hairstyles, friends, in order to gain your sympathies and also pacify many of the cries for MULLET SHOTS that I’ve had from friends.  Without further adieu:


Here I am, just a wee baby, with my two favorite people.  I believe this is Easter, so I am nearly one years old.


Cute, right?  Far too young to be affected by something so traumatic as HAIR.


Here I am, approximately age 4, “fishing” on my grandparents driveway in Arizona.  Notice the lovely blonde locks, but also a frightening turn towards Mullet Land.  Not quite there…but well on our way.  It should also be noted that this is the first and last picture of me in my underwear that will EVER appear on the internet.  Trust me.


Man, I loved that sweatshirt.  Pink, with white puffy elephants on it.  Plus?  My mom had the same one.  But let’s focus on the hair: definitely looking a little more “business in the front.”  I think we’re there, folks.


Being an April baby, I often share a birthday with Easter, and judging by my adorable jelly bean cake (by the way, is my mom not the most creative EVER for making that?!) I’d say it was close to it.  But the hair?  Ohmygoodness.  I believe this was about third grade.  For the record, this would be in about 1991…waaayyy past mullet coolness.


What’s up, BANGS?!  This is just wrong for many, many reasons, namely my silky shirt over shorts, but this is what I like to call my Mishapen Mullet.  It’s not exactly a mullet, but it’s also far from what most people consider normal hair.  This is middle school, so I feel totally justified in being in this awkward phase.  But really?  YIKES.


Ahhh, first year of college.  During my senior year of high school, I cut my hair off, super short.  This is when I entered the awkward “growing out stage” where I sort of didn’t know what was going on.  I like this photo because I am skinny, also, I am in Disneyland…who can be grumpy at Disneyland?  MARY POPPINS, that’s who.  I waited for my photo with her (Mary Poppins is one of my favorite Disney movies) and when she was chasing around kids, she was saying things like “spit spot!” and being in character.  When I got up there, she dropped the accent and said, “Really?  You want a picture.”  Yes, yes I did.

So, friends, this is the story of my hair.  Sad, but true.  Curious about what my hair looks like now?!  Check out my About Me page or this photo here.  It’s a little longer now, but it’s most definitely not a mullet.  THANK GOODNESS.



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19 responses to “My Hair: A Photo Essay

  1. A life without hair disasters is no life at all. Bless you for sharing yours. I’m really hoping you’ll never see mine. 😀

  2. ReinventingAmy

    awesome post! i have a few scary pics of myself growing up too where i’ve asked my mom what the heck she was thinking doing that to me!

    kindergarten and the Dorthy Hamilton haircut? I CRIED. It was the first haircut I ever cried at.

    at least we can look back and laugh right?

  3. kel

    Dude. You had a mullet. haha.

  4. awmb

    Hahaha! I wish I had more photos of me when I was little. I think it will be something I’ll put on my ‘to blog about’ list. Even though you had a mullet a few times, meh. At least you can laugh about it. And it was super cute.

  5. ohhayitskk

    you are killin’ it with that mullet. just killin’ it.

  6. I had the “Annie” when you were suffering through mullets. I couldn’t tell you which is better (or worse). I also had the exact super-short-growing-out-curly-and-not-okay look in your last pic when I was 20. OH THE TRAUMA!

  7. Wow. Just, wow. I can’t believe that you would post those mullet pictures of yourself. Have you no shame, you whore?

  8. Dad

    Hey, you have to put it in context…
    And anyway, you were waaayyy cute! And on top of that umm – well – you were waaayyy cute! and you have to put it in context…

    We tried – sorry for the trauma.

  9. Those pictures are hilarious! Also, the Mary Poppins character makes me mad. Isn’t Disneyland supposed to be for kids of all ages, or something like that?

  10. HAHAHA. Sorry, but that’s pretty spectacular!

    While you were working the mullet, I was working Michael Jackson circa “Thriller” video hair. I insisted on getting perms and my hair was SHORT, so I looked very MJ-esque.

  11. Leslie

    Awww, I forgot how much I love the mullet pictures! I loved this post.

  12. i LOVE what your dad wrote. dealing with current hair trauma myself.


  13. Erica

    I love how your dad wrote “we tried” hahaha!!! You are absolutley fantastic Amy! And so is your hair!! 🙂

  14. i do believe i had a very similar sweater to that in photo 4. except mine had polar bears on it. maybe? or unicorns? hell if i know. it looked familiar, but i’m pretty sure they weren’t elephants.

    annnnnnnnd i totally had the bangs in photo 6. goddamn it took a long time to grow those bitches out. i don’t know how you felt about your friend there with you, but i was always jealous of my friends whose hairdresser had been to a hair show since nineteen seventy freaking nine and knew how to cut proper bangs.

    also, i may still be a little bitter about those bangs. and they may be the reason i went 8 years without bangs. bangs bangs bangs. just wanted to see how many more times i could say it.

  15. This photo montage was A-MAZ-ING.

    Also, had my first pumpkin spice latte of the season this morning, and thought of you. 🙂

  16. pinwheel28

    I totally had that same exact elephant sweatshirt!!!

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