So, I try and keep the cat posts to a minimum on here, lest I be labeled a crazy cat lady OR lose Lexa’s friendship forever.  Still, this is too good to not post.

Meet Harry:


I have a bazillion nicknames for my poor kitten, such as Moo, Cow Cat, Snausages, Mister Face, and most importantly, Roo. His full name is Harrison Roo.

So, when I was browsing through Target recently, I noticed the pet costumes. A few years ago, I dressed Harry up like this for Halloween:


This year, I was unsure if I wanted to torture my little baby, until I saw this.


Why yes, that *is* a Rooster hat. Get it? A rooster cap for my little Roo? Sadly, but not surprisingly, Harry was less keen on his costume than I was. Here are a few photos:

I hate my life.

I hate my life.

A profile shot!

A profile shot!

Admitting defeat

Admitting defeat

Of course, this post would NOT be complete without my all-time favorite use of a chicken and a rooster mask:



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13 responses to “ROO!

  1. Steph

    I must get two of those.

  2. omg! this post totally made my weekend. a cat lover/owner as well, mine do the walk of shame when dressed up. along with the dog. and who doesn’t love the bluths?!!!


  3. Katie

    I needed a good cat post in my life, after my friends made fun of me for buying my cat these: Yes, they look like colored fake nails for the cat, but they’re to stop her from scratching things…I swear!

  4. barbetti

    Oh my gosh, HILARIOUS. I stay offline for two days and I have three posts from you in my reader – follower FAIL!

    Steve and I were at PetCo today and they had the most adorable pet costumes. However, my cat would not be as docile and willing as yours. I probably would end up missing a hand and a leg and probably a few fingers from the hand still attached.

    Also, I received your CD yesterday. DUDE. LOOOOOOOOOVE! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!! You are the craftiest and most special person EVER.

  5. Andrew

    I voted for a different costume for Harry. It went around the head just like the rooster one, but it was made of rope and was much longer….

  6. kel

    If I were you, I wouldn’t go to sleep tonight. Your cat looks PISSED.

  7. I know what you mean about not wanting to be labelled as a crazy cat lady… however I think since getting a cat 6 months ago I’ve become one anyway. I think I can live with it. Just about.

  8. No, no, Not a crazy cat lady at all.

  9. LOL! We bought a devil costume for our cat last year and it lasted about ohhh,, .5 seconds. Dangit!

  10. I want a cat, simply for making it look like a fool and taking pictures of their “I hate this and you” look.

    Those pictures? PRICELESS!

  11. Hee hee! Nothing like a funny outfit on a cat to cheer me up!! 🙂

  12. awmb

    All parts of this literally made me laugh out loud.

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