A frustrating morning…

So, this morning, I SLEPT IN, which was glorious.  Then, we went to get bagels and coffee and had a lovely morning.  Until Andrew and I decided to tackle some errands this morning, including returning a very overdue library book, the bank and most exciting the post office and the grocery store.

First of all: the post office.  The freaking post office, Land of Frustration.  Seriously, it’s up there with the DMV in terms of ridiculous people both in line, and behind the counter.  I came in with a lot of crap to mail, so I expected a bit of a struggle; however, I anticipated that I’d at least be able to send some of them with the automated machine, sans interaction with the postal employees.  I boxed up one set of crap, printed a label and then tried to do the rest.  NO DICE.  This alone was quite a feat: imagine me with 11 packages, 1 big box, a coffee and my iPhone, purse, etc. trying to write a label and get everything else in order.  Not pretty, folks.  I finally printed a label, stuck it on the box and then tried to stick it in the mailbox.  THE MAILBOX WAS LOCKED.  By the way, I think it should be noted here that Andrew stood there and LAUGHED AT ME while I was freaking out about boxes and labels and printing out a bajillion pieces of postage, to the point where I asked him to go outside and just wait, lest I start cutting him with the tape dispenser.

I finally hauled all my crap into the huge line, where an old lady in front of me kept talking to the air about how she was mailing something to her granddaughter, some tights or some such.  I had to stop listening.

Anyways, I finally got up to the counter, and the clerk took my box, and said, “First, you’ve got the wrong box.  Second, the label is wrong.  Third, it’ll just come back to you because you did it all wrong, so you can just get back in the line after you fix your box.

That’s when I started to lose my damn mind so I said, through clenched teeth, “Can you please, please, please help me?”

And he did.  And $30 later, I mailed off my 14 things.  Am I the ONLY PERSON who just doesn’t get the damn post office?  The clerk was incredulous that I didn’t know which box was the proper box and how I printed the label wrong, and that’s without seeing the “cushioned mailer” I ripped and abandoned out in the prep area because it wasn’t big enough and I couldn’t find a label and despite being an educated, reasonable intelligent human, I CANNOT COMPREHEND HOW TO USE THE POST OFFICE.  This wouldn’t be a problem if I didn’t hate waiting in line and dealing with the condescending people behind the counter. .

This brings me to my second point: Andrew and I are not good co-shoppers for groceries.  Mostly because he insists on asking me about every single thing I purchase.  “Why cabbage?” or “Why baking soda?”  Listen, if you’re not the one who does the cooking, than let me purchase what I need.  Sometimes, I just like knowing I have butter or baking powder or whatever the hell for those little baking excursions.  Plus, we fight over the apples and the produce and which order to get things in and oh my goodness.  Typically, Andrew does all the grocery shopping, but then on my breaks we get this hair-brained idea that going together would be so! much! fun! but then, by the end, we basically hate each other, and we forget the orange juice and a million other things because we’re too busy arguing about what to get.

By the time we left the post office and the library, I felt like this kid (note: WAIT FOR THE GOOD PART.  YOU’LL KNOW IT WHEN YOU SEE IT):

Still, the entire morning was redeemed by this afternoon, which has so far consisted of a pumpkin bagel, snuggling on the couch and watching “Away We Go” for the second time.  It really is the best movie I’ve seen all year, so if you haven’t seen it, DO IT.  DO IT NOW.  It has served as a reminder that even though he giggles at me stressing out over the post office, we will always have kisses in the kitchen and at the very least, we can laugh and laugh and laugh.



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21 responses to “A frustrating morning…

  1. Katy

    AMY! Can I say that I HATE THE POST OFFICE too??? I’ve been right there with you, in that exact same situation, completely dumbfounded in the rigidity (is that even a word? who cares…) that is the Post Office packaging system. What box for where and who how?? Are you kidding me? It’s a box. It’s has an address. I pay you, you mail it. Why isn’t this that simple?

    I guess I’m trying to say, I’ve been there. It can ruin a perfectly reasonable day.

  2. Please tell me those 11 envelopes did not contain CDs!??! PLEASE. I made my list but haven’t been proactive about making them yet. BARHG.

    Yes, when Stephen and I shop it’s a disaster as well. And we ALWAYS shop together. Because we’ll go to Sams Club and he’ll detour to the movie section and then, hey! We have $100 in movies alone in our cart! Or, when it comes to some things, I buy bargain brand. But Steve buys EVERYTHING name brand. And not just any name brand – the name brand that is no less than $400.oo more than comparable brands! Dude does not know how to bargain shop.

  3. Marti

    One thing positive, some days the only thing positive, is that Dave and I LOVE grocery shopping together. We make it an adventure. (Plus he’s come over to the dark side and started buying generic, sale items, and looking for coupons) We each decide we can have one impulse buy (under $5) and it is always a contest to see who chooses the best thing. We pick out things we’d like for presents if the only place we could shop was the grocery store and in doing this the list is secondary. I always get everything (because I”m OCD and just neurotic) but this way I enjoy his company, have a blast shopping and complete the list sans arguing.
    Most guys I’ve been with shopping has been fun — but I sometimes treat dealing with men like dealing with children. You have to make it into a game and each child (man) likes a different game.

  4. A few important things for you:

    1) I’m going to run away and never come back.
    2) The Land of Frustration is actually the Department of Motor Vehicles, not the post office.
    3) That video totally creeped me out – I’m pretty sure he’s possessed by the devil.

  5. Seriously, I will NOT take Garrett to the grocery store. He likes to EXTREME price compare every item I grab. As much as I like the company at the grocery store, I don’t want to have to fight tooth and nail on every purchase…so exhausting! 🙂

  6. pinwheel28

    Whatever you do, don’t move to Chicago. I know how you feel. http://pinwheel28.wordpress.com/2008/04/16/a-post-office-rant/

  7. I have a SERIOUS aversion to the post office. It borders on pathological. I hate it. HATE IT.

    The end.

  8. I’m completely jealous of Marti up there, my BF and I cannot shop together w/o ending up in some sort of fight or frustration.

    I am not the best shopper at the grocery store (I end up going down every aisle a few times) but at least I know what I’m looking for. He on the other hand complains because of the price of cheese (REAL cheese) because it’s more expensive than Kraft Singles.

  9. I can’t comment on anything except that video. Um. That video? …Wow… Well, I guess I can’t even comment on IT. Ohmygoodness.

  10. Oh, how I loved Away We Go!

    Pumpkin bagels…I may have to search those out in my area!

  11. Gah, the PO does suck, even here in NZ! Seems like every time I go and post something they give me a different answer on the size and cost and how the weight affects it and so on and so on. It makes no sense, and how can I learn if the answer is never the same?!

  12. The only thing i find more fustrating than the post office or the DMV is trying to fix an error on my bank statment.

    That being said…I don’t think my flip out in the future would ever entail what that kid did with his remote control and his behind. Just sayin…

  13. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: the fact that more violent crimes don’t take place at the post office on a daily basis is a miracle. A god damn miracle.

    Because that place is filled with crazy people in crazed moods. It’s scary stuff!

  14. damn you and your pumpkin bagels, they sound awesome.
    Also, dude, you can totally mail shit from your house by using usps.com
    I haven’t been to the post office in years, I just leave it outside my front door and they come pick it up!

  15. That freak out kills me Every. Damn. TIME.

  16. My husband handles all post office responsibilities. I can not hold my temper nor can I hide my general disgust for the unwashed masses when I’m trying to do anything at the post office. Neither of these things endears me to the people whose hwlep I invariably need.

  17. I could see my kid acting like. Minus the shoving the remote up his butt (?!?!).

    And I have made peace with the Post Office, mostly beacuse I made friends with the dude who’s always there and he’s got a crush on me and I totally use it to my advantage.

    (also I cannot take my husband shopping as he starts whining about 5 mins in about how I need to hurry up because he’s getting shopped out. Unless we’re at Best Buy, uggghhhh)

  19. Okay. That kid putting the remote in his ass was the best part of my day.

    Thank you.

  20. omg! that video literally made my morning and afternoon. and for the record, i hate both the post office and the dmv.


  21. My mother-in-law worked for the Post Office.

    ‘Nuff said.

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