Favorite Things Friday

Seriously, I don’t think I’ve been this excited about a Friday since last May, when school ended for realsies.  But today, when that bell rings, and I scamper off to my car…well, it’s going to be a lovely thing.  Two weeks off is just what I need right now.

The entire past week has been pretty fabulous, so here are a few of my favorite things:

—-I really love this post by Aubrey Sabala about trust and trusting others.  It made me think a lot, which is something I love in posts.

—In case you missed it, Andrew and I were featured in Rachel’s Love Stories series this week.  It’s the honest truth, yo.

—I am sick in love with Brizzly for all of my Twitter needs. 

This video  is awesome, and big thanks to Moose for getting the song in my head for all time pointing me to it.  I can’t stop singing the song, and this video doesn’t feature the annoying singer.

—On Monday, my Mondo Beyondo class starts.  I’ve loved Jen and Andrea for years and I am so excited to dream with them over the next few weeks!

—Reading The Wishing Year and feeling really inspired!

—Big congrats to the lovely Kate on her exciting new projects!


Other things that have been amazing this week: emails with amazing new friends and reading all of the awesome Blathering re-cap posts.  Talking to an old-friend I thought I’d never speak to again.  Dusting off my sewing machine, procuring some fabric and making plans to sew.  HAVING TWO WEEKS OFF. 

I’ll be spending my weekend cheering Andrew on as he plays a big ol’ poker tournament, but don’t worry—casinos are FULL of things to blog.

Happy Fall Friday, friends!



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7 responses to “Favorite Things Friday

  1. Juley Robarge Woods

    You have got to sew….!
    It is the best. I sew about 2-3 hours a night after November goes to bed. Ok, so I neglect doing the dishes, but at least I get that creative outlet!!!
    Enjoy your break. I am so jealous!!!

  2. What is this Brizzly stuff? Someone made me sign up and I’m scared of it…

  3. I’m with LiLu… plus what is this google wave that everyone is going on about? I’m so behind the times. Have an awesome 2 weeks off!

  4. Oooooh. I can’t WAIT for those casino posts. xo

  5. I recently stumbled on to your blog and I find it fun! 🙂 Especially about the “teacher role model” thing. LOL. Keep posting!

  6. Dude, I so needed this weekend. I’m refusing to get dressed again until Monday.

  7. ohhayitskk

    i am alll about brizzly. but i want like, a widget or something for my desktop.

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