I’m in love…

Well, duh.  Of course I am, I live with the guy. 

But no really, I’m newly in love with something else:  FALL.

I fall in love with autumn every year, and this year is no different.  To all of you Blathering-ers who came from out of town and sweated to high heaven, I’m so sorry.  Because on Monday?  The weather suddenly started being palatable.  And delicious.

Many people write amazingly beautiful posts about FALL! in all of it’s fiery glory.  And don’t get me wrong: it is lovely.  I enjoy the leaves changing, the smell of the air as things cool down and the crispness of it on my face.  I love pumpkin everything (and basically derive my will to live through winter from Starbucks pumpkin scones.  Um, see last post…what?) and drinking hot coffee and tea and snuggling under blankets.  I love wearing tights and sweaters and hats and scarves.  But do you know what I love most of all?


My car has not had air conditioning since April.  This means that for the majority of the summer, I found myself arriving everywhere rumpled, slightly damp with sweat, and probably smelly.  I had to drive with my windows down everywhere I went, meaning that my already large hair was BLOWN BACK, resulting in a constant “80’s hair band” esque existence.  I hated my life.  My hour-each-way (or more!) commute resulted in me being perma-pissy when I got home from work.  I cannot tell you the number of days I have walked in my door, began to run a cold bath, stripped out of my sweaty attire, sat in said bath and been pissed off the entire night because I just couldn’t seem to cool down.

But now?  Now I enjoy my commute.  Okay, maybe not enjoy, but tolerate better.  Car accidents no longer leave me raging because I have to stop, therefore stopping any sort of moving air from entering my car.  I let people pass without cursing them, their mother and their dogs.  I can run errands after work without biting off the heads of anyone who slows me down from getting back to my air conditioned house.  And I no longer sweat 24 hours a day.

Do you know what else Fall brings?  BREAK.  Yes, starting tomorrow, I have two weeks off.  I couldn’t be more excited to NOT WORK.  I love my job, but this year has been really hard so far, and I just want to take a break.  Instead of a traditional “what I’ll do over vacation” list, here’s what I won’t be doing:

—wearing makeup, except in dire social emergencies

—getting out of bed before I am 100% READY to do so

—wearing anything that isn’t made of cotton or sweatpants material

—talking to anyone under the age of 14 about anything having to do with books, grades, writing or anything involving school.

Things I AM excited about: a few crafty projects, hanging out with my family, seeing some friends, SLEEPING, returning to hot yoga, having time to cook and bake, starting to run to prep for the Thanksgiving 5K I want to run again and generally being lazy.

So, yes.  It’s like I’m a new woman.  All thanks to the weather being barely 80 degrees.



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16 responses to “I’m in love…

  1. Juley Robarge Woods

    Now you know why my daughter’s name is November.
    The most wonderful time of year…
    the colors, the weather, the natural fragrances, the beauty, the coziness.
    Enjoy your fall break.

  2. This is my favourite time of year too. I’m not really a hot weather person, so find Summer just too icky and oppressive but Winter can just be a bit too grey and miserable. In between is much nicer (I like Spring too).

    enjoy your break!

  3. Gina

    YES! Let’s put something on the calendar before you’re all booked up… The best nights for me are Sun (after 7), Tues, or Wed (before 7)… I could also take a LONG lunch if the day works best for you. Can’t wait to see you and chat sweet friend!

  4. Christina

    I too am completely in love with Fall! How can a person not be? Hope you enjoy your break friend! Oh, and barely 80… try the 60 something days here! Heaven!

  5. okay, you had me at pumpkin scones and not sweating like a disgusting pig. oooooo. and i want a pair of red tomato tights. loved this!


  6. Ohhh, honey. I hear you. Autumn remakes me every single year.

    (p.s. This week has kicked my ass, but I so, so owe you an e-mail! So many things to write!)

  7. What? Oh, I’m sorry. I couldn’t hear you over the THIS playing in my head, thanks to your title.

  8. Dude. I’ll totally run with you. Maybe if I pretend you’re going to meet me out on the trail it’ll be easier to drag my ass out of bed in the morning…

  9. I just bought two cans of pureed pumpkin for not expressed use because I love all things pumpkin. YUMMY.
    I hope you have a fabulous, relaxing break!

  10. Do you hot yoga at Yoga Loka? Because I have a yoga card with dust on it from there that still has money on it. Make me use it. 🙂

  11. Uhm HELLO we are having the same life. 🙂 I am making the return to hot yoga as well as prepping for a Thanksgiving 5k! I could barely run 1.5 miles yesterday though so it’s going to take more work than I thought. I shall encourage you via Twitter.

    And I liked your post about fall ( I wrote one too: http://abzdragon3.blogspot.com/2009/09/scowls-and-smiles.html ), I know all about having a car with now air conditioner. I just recently got a new car though! Texas is hot all year… so… need that A/C.


    Seriously, I laughed out loud when I read “I hated my life.” The hair thing would have killed me too. I have an involved hair process every day, and humidity is not its friend.

  13. barbetti

    It’s so funny, because the Falls in New England are spectacular, but for me…Fall means Winter is coming and Winter is HARSH. Fall and I should sit down and discuss things, like how getting SNOW in SEPTEMBER is unacceptable. I think Fall owes me a strong beverage.

  14. I love fall because of the cooler weather as well. I’m not a sweat-in-the-summer kind of person.

  15. I adore the cooler weather. Fall is definitely my favorite.

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