The Blathering

All day last Friday, I sat around and said to myself, “WHY DID YOU SEND THAT EMAIL INVITING YOURSELF TO A PARTY?”

I can’t tell you how stinking scared I was.  My stomach hurt all day long, and when I got ready to go, I told Andrew that I think I was more nervous than I’d ever been, EVER.  He decided to go play poker at a cardroom near where the Blathering was held, and on our way out, I needed to get gas.  Andrew only had a hundred dollar bill, and I went in to the gas station and asked very nicely for $20 of gas.  The guy REFUSED to break the hundred, and was a real jerk about it.

So, I did what any normal person would do.  I walked out to my car, started crying and shaking and told Andrew—in all seriousness—that this was a sign I SHOULDN’T ATTEND THE BLATHERING.  I just shouldn’t go.  And then I started crying and shaking and saying, “They won’t like me!” and “Who is so stupid that they invite themselves somewhere they’re not welcome?!”

And then Andrew told me to shut up, pulled out his ATM card, put gas in my car and told me to shut up and drive. 

When I re-told this story over the weekend, I was called on the carpet for telling a totally “first-world sob story” because I was all hysterical that my $100 bill was rejected and I almost didn’t go to my blog meet-up, and waaaaahhhh!

Still, I don’t think that I have ever been more thrilled that I sent a stupid email and despite being a little watery-eyed, went to a gathering of some of the most lovely, wonderful, HILARIOUS people ever.

This weekend was amazing.  Seriously.  From the minute I walked in and saw Elizabeth’s amazingly adorable cottage, with delicious snacks, and had my first glass of wine and sat in a circle and watched people connect and ask good questions, and most of all LAUGH, I knew I’d made the right choice.

There were a million AMAZING moments including bonging wine, hammocks breaking, cupcakes, this noodle salad that I’m still obsessing over, shopping downtown and getting to show off my little corner of California, hearing stories about what I can only assume must be the world’s most awesome kids because they all sound so adorable and fun, plucking my eyebrows IN A FANCY BAR in order to elicit a sneeze, eagerly watching a cougar and her 24-year-old “prey” at a nearby table, to lassoing people with my necklace as we danced at a gay bar, watching my new friends attract trannys, crazy dudes and have somethings stuck where they don’t belong on the dance floor, observing some people’s amazing “cat hands” as we sat and talked Sunday morning.  And so many other things that I don’t even feel comfortable blogging due to their ummmm, not so appropriate nature. 

I love the fact that I was welcomed with open arms, the fact that these people were absolutely the FUNNIEST people ever in the world EVER, and that the Internet proved to be home to the best people, hands down.

I miss you Blather-ers already, but I am totally hopeful and sure that this is just the beginning.  Thanks for one of the best weekends ever, ever, ever.

*I just want to give mad props to Elizabeth, who not only HOSTED us all weekend, but also managed to elicit tears from me when reading her wrap-up of the Blathering.



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19 responses to “The Blathering

  1. I chuckle every time I think of meeting “friends from in my computer.” It was so worth it.

  2. Gina

    I am JEALOUS Amy… it sounds like so much fun! I’m happy that you got some time away from the day to day! You deserve it! I’m sure you were one of the funniest out of the whole bunch….

  3. Gina

    So, now I’m hooked on Elizabeth’s blogs too…. she’s from Nebraska! A girl who I can appreciate as we share the same roots…

  4. Booooooooo. Wish I could’ve been there! Congrats on finding your cajones, love 😉

  5. I’m so pleased for you that you didn’t bail, it sounds like you definitely made the right choice. I’m so glad you had a good time 🙂

  6. You were the funniest thing on the planet. So glad you came, for real.

  7. I’m so happy I met you, though I’m a bit bitter that I was not fortunate enough to be lassoed by your beautiful necklace.

    There better be a Blathering 2010 in our future.

    Truly, it was such an amazing weekend. One of the very best I’ve ever had.

  8. Sounds amazing! I am so glad you had a great time!

  9. Christina

    Sounds like an awesome time! So glad you decided to go and, despite the gas station moron, made it and enjoyed the festivities my friend! 🙂

  10. I am super glad you came, it wouldn’t have been the same without you there.

  11. I wouldn’t have DREAMED that you were nervous!

  12. Wow…I would have been in the same boat! I would have done everything in my power to talk myself out of it, even knowing what a great time I would’ve had. So glad you had Andrew there to tell you to “shut up and drive.”

  13. Meeting strangers from the Internet is a scary thing. But such a huge payoff! Glad you had an excellent time!!

  14. Amy, I am so happy that you were there! Even though we only got to visit for a short while, I thoroughly enjoyed meeting you! You are a delight. Thanks for sharing some time with me on Saturday! xoxo

  15. My goodness, girl, THAT was QUITE a beginning! I am so glad you came. It was awesome to laugh my friggin’ butt off with you!!

  16. Ha! Well said. It was so nice to meet you all!

  17. That sounds awesome! Color me jealous.

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