Teacher of the Year

Can we just talk about two things that happened to me yesterday?

First of all, I was talking to my students, having a typical Monday morning check-in discussion about the weekend, the day ahead and other boring tasks.  And then?  THEN A HUGE BOOGER FLEW OUT OF MY NOSE.  My poor students in the front row looked horrified.  As they should.  I mean, really?!  I’m just trying to talk here.  Apparently, I shouldn’t breathe.

I was humiliated.

Next, I had a student up giving a presentation in the afternoon, when I saw a student who sits up front open the front pocket of her backpack, and then cover her mouth immediately.  I heard whispers and screeches, until finally, the person presenting stopped and let out a little whimper.


I had kids running all over the front of my class, one standing on a chair and others crawling underneath my desk, trying to grab a little blue belly lizard.  Finally, it was captured and released into the wild.  Poor thing had to be scared.

This is what I went to college for: to breathe snot on kids, and chase lizards.




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10 responses to “Teacher of the Year

  1. Oh God! The lizard is distracting but I could deal with it. But the booger…. I’m so sorry! How embarrassing!!

  2. Ahhh, nothing quite like a Monday, huh? 🙂

  3. kel

    Well, at least they’ll never forget you.

  4. omg! almost spit out my tea reading this. hilarious.


  5. This week seems to be the week for embarassing stories, eh? Okay, well it was last week for me, but it was less than 7 days ago. Commiserations.

  6. Wow, what a day! Speaking of lizards, I see them all over our house. Mostly outside, but sometimes inside too. I’ve heard that they kill and eat cockroaches, and although I don’t know if that’s true I am now very happy whenever I see a gecko around!

  7. OMG, you have no idea how much I needed that today. Just when I was at my low you offered my a giggle. Thank you. I am SO glad you went to college for that…LOL!!! :O)

  8. pinwheel28

    Funny, I went to college for very similar reasons!

  9. Bahaha! So embarassing, but I love that you made it such a silly story. I’m sure the kids will talk about that when they’re older. “Remember that one time…” Heehee.

  10. Let me spin you a little tale…

    Picture it. San Diego. 2001. I was a 22-year old, first year teacher who was considerably younger, hotter, more fun, and with decidedly less baby protruding from her abdomen. Back in those days, I would wear what I fondly referred to as an “armor bra” as a precautionary measure to ensure no unsightliness for my students (particularly the male ones) in the event of a sudden and unfortunate cold front in my classroom. Said armor, while effective, had a side-effect of eliminating any bit of sensation that I could experience on my chest because the fabric was so thick.

    So one day my kids are working in small groups, in clusters of 4 desks. I was standing next to one male student while talking to another in the next book. The second student leaned out of his desk to hand me a book, for which I leaned over the first student. Apparently I leaned a little too far over that first student’s back. And APPARENTLY the loss of sensation was more than I’d considered because it turns out I was literally laying across this first student’s back…at which point he says to me, (conveniently at the exact moment that all of the other groups were in quiet mode) “Miss Quinn (my maiden name). YOUR BOOBIES ARE TOUCHING ME.” Naturally. It should be noted that the speaker was gay, so he wasn’t too concerned with the boobies.

    But the faces of the other boys in the room SNAPPED to attention faster than any disciplinary tactic I ever used. I. Was. Mortified.

    I’m loving walking down memory lane with you, Amy. 🙂

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