Quiet Weekend

I definitely received an email yesterday from a friend asking me simply, “Are you dead?  YOU DIDN’T BLOG!”

I am very much alive.  To be truthful, Internet, I have a list of posts that I wish to write, and that I will get to this week; however, I needed a break.  Blogging is one of my favorite things in the world; however, I had a lot of things to attend to this weekend, so I unplugged, ignored my phone/texts for a good portion of the weekend, and enjoyed a little break and a weekend full of…

  • sleeping in a little bit later than normal
  • getting work done for the upcoming week
  • cleaning out my art supplies
  • getting stuff ready for Lacey Bean’s craft swap
  • catching up on email
  • painting!
  • reading
  • a truly lovely afternoon with my mom
  • a trip to the thrift store and Ross (hooray!)
  • giving the house a thorough cleaning
  • doing ALL OF MY LAUNDRY and getting it organized and hung up
  • dinner out in downtown Sacramento with Andrew
  • Gina stopping by for a glass of wine and a chat, and bringing me a little treat
  • going to bed early in order to be ready for an early morning workout

Tell me about YOUR weekend.  What did you do?  Fill me in, friends.  I missed you.



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5 responses to “Quiet Weekend

  1. Sounds like a great weekend, and you’ve cured me of my writers block, I think I’ll do a little list of my own today.

  2. Ahh, sounds like a great weekend. I sort of did the same—unplugged a bit, I mean. Didn’t go out either night, slept in, read whole chapters of my book, wrote, finished the latest New Yorker, did laundry, cleaned, went grocery shopping, went to yoga, enjoyed several long walks, talked to my mother for more than an hour…

    Sometimes, it feels oh so good to have a low-key, productive weekend.

  3. Gina

    I second that Hannah!! Sometimes, those simply pleasures are better then the expensive weekends…

    BTW Amy, such a fun chat last night. I “simply” love you girl!

  4. I definitely didn’t do all of my laundry. That’s a great feat in and of itself!

  5. That sounds perfect. Most people don’t blog on the weekend anyway, so you’re good. 🙂

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