My “WTH is wrong with people?” weekend…

Saturday morning, I decided to get up semi-early and clean out my closet, and attempt to sell clothes at Crossroads, which is always an exercise in embarrassment. Still, I had some good stuff (in my humble and apparently unfashionable opinion) so I thought it was worth a shot.

I sold a few things at the first Crossroads (there are TWO opportunities to humiliate yourself near my house!) so I was able to buy a super cute sweater dress, which was a HUGE win, since most sweater dresses make me look like a sausage in yarn casing. I was pretty thrilled. Still, the girl referred to my clothes as “basics” that were “nice” but “not trendy.” Um, whatevs. I can’t say I was a huge fan of her short shorts over tights and weird vest, but do your thing, girl.

Next, I stopped at Panera Bread to get an iced Americano. It was nearly 10:30 and I hadn’t had my coffee yet, so I was going for POWER! at that point. I walked in and ordered my drink (and resisted a Cinnamon Crunch bagel, WIN!). Seriously, as soon as I said “iced Americano” the girl taking my order looked at me like I was insane.

“A latte?”


“Frozen-caramel-latte-explosion-cinno?” (whatever their frozen beverage was called.)


Finally, a girl with an ASSOCIATE TRAINER badge came over.

“I’ll make you an iced Americano!”

She pulled two shots of espresso and handed them to me in a paper cup, with a plastic cup of ice. I stared at her.

“Ma’am, an Americano is just espresso and water, so you can use the hot water for tea to make it!”

I explained—very nicely—at this point that I wanted an iced Americano, meaning that it should be mixed with cold water, so that it was delicious, and also so that the cup didn’t melt alllll over my hands. ASSOCIATE TRAINER piped up again and explained what was in an Americano.

I took a deep breath and refrained from screaming, “LOOK, YOU 16-YEAR-OLD TRAINER, I’VE BEEN ADDICTED TO COFFEE SINCE BEFORE YOU WERE BORN!” I explained again: iced Americano’s required COLD WATER and ice.

She explained yet again, and then added that she’d been to some coffee training school through Panera. I cut her off and said I had been a barista before, and could she please just get me some iced coffee. She rolled her eyes, and huffed and puffed.

And then she handed me a paper cup, the same plastic cup of ice and pointed at the hot coffee. AND THEN MY BRAIN EXPLODED.

Still, I just took it and it was fine because it had caffeine and I got to get away from two ridiculous people who have no business discussing coffee.

Next, I went to Crossroads #2, where they took NOTHING of mine, and the girl seemed SUPER ANNOYED that I’d even bothered coming in. How do I know?

Oh, because, as soon as I turned a corner, she proceeded to insult the hell out of my clothes. Not cool, sister. NOT COOL. Anyways, I left and went home and pouted. Boo.

The final kicker came this morning at the gym when a girl in the locker room said, “Oooh, your hair is sooooo curly! You know you can straighten it, right? It’d look so pretty.”

Um, for the record: I know of straighteners as I haven’t been living under a rock for the past 30+ years. Did it ever occur to anyone that maybe I like having curly hair?! That I think it’s fun and funky and pretty? That enjoy having hair that’s a little different and cute and doesn’t take 30 years to style? Is there something WRONG with curls? I get this question/comment 3-4 times per week. For the record: I like my curls.

I also like my clothes and my iced Americanos. Mkay?



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16 responses to “My “WTH is wrong with people?” weekend…

  1. ReinventingAmy

    seriously- how did they not know how to make an iced americano? and why would they fight you on it? laaame.

    and I like curly hair! I think it would be easier to style sometimes. I have straight hair, but I can’t just dry it and go- it still has to be straightened or curled.

  2. Ari

    I HATE days like that!! I also really hate bad customer service – you handled it much better than I would have. Way better.

    I’m desperately trying to upgrade my closet as well. What is this “Crossroads” you speak of?! We don’t have one of them down here – but it sounds neat – well, without the snotty girls. My clothes would probably be to plain for them too. I’m just gonna donate them to Goodwill and go for the tax write off. . .

  3. Jenna

    I totally would have put the coffee and the cup of ice back down on the counter and walked the hell out. I think at that point it would have been safer for the associate trainer, lest I reach across the counter and bloody her nose. Yikes.

  4. Kim

    People who don’t know coffee shouldn’t be in the business of selling it.

  5. Wow. Whatever happened to customer service??

  6. You handled yourself MUCH better than I would have. I would have gone off on both the coffee people & the presumptuous locker room girl who had the nerve to diss my air & suggest I should straighten it. Clearly, you have much more grace than I do!

  7. Juley Robarge Woods

    Well, at least they were preparing you for school today!!! (rude, disrespectful!!!)
    I think the most insulting is the hair comment.
    I mean isn’t that why african americans began sporting AFROS to prove they didn’t need to look white, and that it was dumb to even want to?
    I say, celebrate how God made you. Period.
    That is why I don’t wear makeup. Of course, I do shave my underarms, so there are limits in my world of being NATURAL!!!
    You know how I have always had super RED rosy cheeks? I was at the State Fair, and this guy approached me who was selling this dead sea salt face stuff, and said, “it looks like you have rosacea”.
    I am thinking, oh yeah, that is a great way to sell your product, NOT.
    I told him, Nope, I don’t have rosacea, I don’t even know how to spell it!!! And I didn’t buy the product even though it was sorta cool.
    I hope your week goes better Amy!

  8. I WISH I had curly hair! I love my straight hair, on most days, but there are some days I wish I could make my hair curl. The best I can do is a slight wave.

    And what’s up with that customer service at PB? I went there last week and got crappy service. Not as bad as yours…but just little teeny-boppers giving me attitude for “bugging them.” GRR!

  9. I can’t believe someone would just say that about your hair. I have straight-ish hair and would LOVE to have curls! My hair kind of looks a mess unless I make it straighter or tie it up and you’re right, it takes hours (guess what I do unless it’s a special occasion?!). I think curls are really pretty.

    Don’t even get me started on the coffee…!

  10. Caitlin

    Wow! All of that was ridiculous, good lord.

    I have worked at Starbucks before so that whole coffee scenario just really irked me. God, they are so incompetent! I really hope you didn’t have to pay for that crappy service, that is just not right. Americano’s are like the easiest thing to make.

    I have naturally curly hair too and people say that same line to me, “Oh you would look so much better with straight hair!” Well, I am not sorry that I don’t look like you and am different. I have struggled with my frizzy hair all of my life and I am proud of being me, curly hair and all! Booyah. The other thing that really bugs me is when people point out that they can see your roots. Ugh, thanks for making me feel terrible about myself. Not everyone can get their hair colored every two weeks, jeez. I can’t believe that people can be so rude.

    This was a good post, got my hackles up. It is good to vent/rant sometimes.

  11. this post is hilarious. seriously, you have my life. that kind of crap happens to me ALL the time. i always order a doppio espresso macchiato when i find a starbucks and half the time i am met with that same insane glazed over look. don’t even get me started on clothes or hair!


  12. The idea of barista training at Panera is haha…hahahahaha…hahahahahahhahahahahhah

  13. kel

    Okay, but seriously? Let me know if you want the name of some great straightening products…

  14. Oh my God, you should have punched the second Crossroads girl. What a bitch.

  15. Is there some kind of hiring pre-req at Crossroads: “You must be condescending to work here”? Because the ones in Berkeley/the east bay are the same thing. The workers throw together these outfits that are totally “I’m trying so hard not to look like I’m trying so hard” and then act like asshats if you ask a question. I’ve never even bothered trying to sell things there based on the “service” I’ve seen at other times.

  16. awmb

    God. What is WRONG with some people?

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