Urban Dictionary FAIL

Andrew and I had this little exchange a few days ago, and as I went to blog it {obviously!} he got frustrated with my lack of humor. So, here is a post directly from Andrew himself regarding a little bit of an Urban Dictionary fail, at least in my opinion.

The true meaning of “Titch”

If the readers of this blog are anything like me, you use Google about as frequently as *INSERT JOKE THAT WOULD APPEAL TO BLOGGERS*. I would imagine I do 2 or 3 dozen searches everyday, with subjects running the gamut from sports trivia to historical events to word definitions. It was this last type of search that I was engaged in when I thought to myself “I wonder if ‘titch’ is a real word or if anything will turn up if I google it” Low and behold, the word is a little more common than I originally thought. In fact, it turned up a number of hits, the first of which was Urban Dictionary — a tremendous resource for colloquial expressions. There were 14 different definitions listed for “titch”, but I didn’t need to read any further than the first:

1. titch

little annoying person. especially a girl. Tiny + Bitch = Titch
that short chick talks alot of shit, shes such a titch.


Disclaimer: The views and ideas expressed by urbandictionary.com do not necessarily reflect the views of the poster of this blog entry.

He BETTER have included that disclaimer.



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4 responses to “Urban Dictionary FAIL

  1. Juley Robarge Woods

    So basically your students are right?!
    Did you break the news to your mom yet that she has been adding a tiny bitch to every meal she has served your family?

  2. Gina

    OMG, Amy you can get a coffee mug that has a definition of Titch on it…. did you see this? Sooo classic!! Love it!

  3. I ran across this post randomly… Thought I’d let you know that The Online Slang Dictionary (disclaimer: my site) has the correct definition.

    I wonder if it was your mom who originally submitted it. 🙂



  4. Madeline

    hahahaha, I LOVE it! He did get your permission to post, yes? 🙂
    You guys are cute…

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