My Style Statement: Following Up

So, with everything going on, I got away from finishing up how Style Statement is affecting my life. I want to share one of the most fun, powerful tools I’ve used so far in conjunction with it: the inspiration book.


This is a combination of something I’ve seen many artsy-craftsy friends do, and the popular idea of creating vision boards. Although I’d eventually like to make a big one that I can look at all the time with simplified versions of what I’m going for, since I’m in the middle of working on personal style and lifestyle, I’ve been using a binder.

A plain binder, with plastic sleeves or sheet covers is perfect for a project like this. Whenever I’m reading, I pay attention to things that jump out at me. It’s not just clothes and jewelry: I keep things I’m interested in painting or using for art. I look for images that depict how I want to feel inside, or show a lifestyle I’m looking for. I even clipped an article about interviewing your mom, because the questions reminded me of things I’d love to talk about with my mom someday.


Creating your own book is cheap and easy, and in my opinion, fun! I’ve been known to rip things out of magazines, cut them out of newspapers or print them online. Before I go shopping next time, I know I’ll definitely look to my little book for inspiration on the sorts of looks I’m hoping to create.

It’s fun to have a visual representation of what you’re going for, and it definitely keeps me on track. The other benefit is that looking at style allows me to see what I already have and dress it up, as well as dispose of things that don’t look like what I’m hoping to achieve.

Another cool tool for doing this, if you’re more digitally inclined, is to use Delicious, where you can bookmark pages, articles, ideas, etc. that inspire you. I keep different categories for a lot of different things, but it’s awesome to have all of those great blogs/pictures/pieces of inspiration you see online in one place. You can also share your links with other people, which I think is kind of cool—I always like seeing what people I admire are thinking about.

How do you organize your inspiration?



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3 responses to “My Style Statement: Following Up

  1. I’ve always wanted to start one of these. The closest I’ve come is keeping quote books. I’ll jot down random one-liners from books, a poem from the New Yorker, snippets of conversations I hear, compelling advertisements on the city bus. Pretty much any random compilation of words that speaks to me.

    May those silly quotes inspire the novelist in me someday! Ha… šŸ™‚

  2. I love this idea! And I so want to read the book and make my own style statement. I’m so ready to change my look! šŸ™‚

  3. Mighty Mouse

    I actually got the style statement from the library via your suggestion, and I have my own dream book and a inspiration board and post inspiration boards on my blog. Yeah, I’m kinda an inspiration whore.

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