Happy, happy

Today happens to be a very special day for 3 of the most important people in my life.

My Grandma Carol celebrates her birthday today. Yes, she is critically ill in the hospital, but she is here and making small improvements day by day. She is much more alert, is breathing on her own and her plasma is slowly but surely getting better. Grandma has a long way to go, but each little baby step gives us more and more hope that she will make it. If you could continue your prayers, good thoughts, candle lighting and other gestures of goodwill, I know I’d appreciate it and so would she.

Secondly, my parents celebrate 31 years of marriage today. It impresses me so much that they’ve made it this far, still laugh and joke and kiss and like one another. They are an incredible example to me and my brother and are the two best parents—and best friends—anyone could I ask for.

Tomorrow, my dad begins the long process of having his cancer removed. Would you hold a good thought for him, too?

So, happy, bittersweet celebrations to three of my favorite people ever. I love you guys.



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2 responses to “Happy, happy

  1. i love to read when parents are still together after so many years. i still carry scars from my parent’s bitter divorce. happy birthday to your grandma carol (my mom’s name by the way!). and prayers, good thoughts, candle lighting, all kinds of goodwill sent.


  2. It was my sister’s birthday too! What a great day. 🙂

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