Fat um, Wednesday {or, I know it’s not Tuesday, but the important thing is that I’m still fat}

I’m happy to report that I’ve been working out a lot since re-joining 24 Hour Fitness. I’m actually finding myself enjoying it—I like the variety of classes and options I’ve got there, and the fact that I can workout BEFORE work. Yes, it’s early and that sucks, but…I am too tired to out and out hate cardio if I am barely awake for it, right?

The other big thing that I’m a huge fan of is the lap swimming pool. I have absolutely loved swimming since I was a child. Maybe it was the novelty of getting to swim since we didn’t have a pool, or the fact that water remains one of the most calming things in the world to me, but swimming laps is easily one of my favorite types of cardio.

That being said, swimming requires much gear. See, I hate getting chlorinated water in my eyes and looking coked out for the rest of the day. Also, I have a disgusting amount of thick curly hair that needs restraining while swimming. Water in my ears is easily up there with vomiting for me—I HATE having it make me all cloggy, and then feeling like it’s just dripping into my throat? UGH.

With those complaints in mind, I present to you:

Not visible: HOT ORANGE earplugs

OK, so the facial expression was intentional. I was trying to look dumb. But the overgrown bug look? Thanks to the goggles and sexy swim cap.

I know I look ridiculous, but that half an hour spent soaring through the water is one of the most peaceful parts of my day. So, it’s worth it.



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8 responses to “Fat um, Wednesday {or, I know it’s not Tuesday, but the important thing is that I’m still fat}

  1. I love swimming, it is the #1 thing I miss about my old gym. And I too, donned the cap, goggles and plugs.

  2. i want a sexy swim cap now. think of this look as trend-setting!


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  4. M’love, I think it’s great that you’re digging swimming and being back at the gym, but it kills me that you keep calling yourself fat all the time. You’re constantly throwing negative ideas and words at yourself! I understand that you’re wanting to lose weight and be healthier, but there’s nothing empowering or beneficial by calling yourself names. This post could have just as easily been titled “Back in the Water” or similar without all the harshness of saying you’re fat. Not trying to make you feel bad by any means, dear. I just hate seeing you trash on yourself! ❤

  5. Meh, you just look like a swimmer 🙂 And how great is it that you’ve found a kind of exercise that you love and makes you want to work out? My thing is yoga, it’s the only kind of exercise I actually enjoy. Otherwise it’s a chore and that makes it harder.

  6. Juley Robarge Woods

    You are hilarious!!! I like that look

  7. awmb

    HAHAHA That look is incredible.

  8. I’ve actually been wanting to start swimming. But I don’t have proper form or anything, I’d probably need to start at the beginning with lessons!

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