Beer and worrying in Sacramento…

As I posted before, I have hated beer for as long as I’ve been drinking (which, for the record wasn’t until I was 21!  NO JOKES.  I used to be am a very, very good girl!).  While I’ve tried it a few times, I have yet to really, really enjoy it, but I want to!  So, I’ve made a project out of it and am desperately trying to learn to like beer.  And sports.  And seriously?  I’ve been working hard at both.

On Saturday, I watched the San Francisco Giants defeat the Milwaukee Brewers.  And yes, I am so sports-aware that I realize that the Giants are just one game behind the Rockies for the National Division Wild Card spot.  Impressed yet?  I think baseball will probably be my sport of choice—I’ve still yet to grasp the appeal of football with all of it’s slamming about.  I do sorta like basketball too, but since those two sports run at pretty opposite times, I guess I’ve covered all seasons.

Anyways, on Saturday, after Andrew got home, I suggested that we go to our local supermarket and grab a beer for me to try.  We hopped in his car, and as we turned out of our apartment complex, there was a guy driving slowly and staying next to our car.  The conversation went like this:

Me: DRIVE!  That guy’s creepy and slowing down!  I don’t like it!

Andrew: What do you think he’s gonna do, geez? {Driving -26 miles an hour, basically going backwards}

Me: OHMYGOD, he’s reaching for something!  He’s got a gun!  DRIVE!

Andrew: Amy, um…he has a cell phone.  It’s a freaking cell phone!

Me: Oh.

Andrew: Is there anything you DON’T worry about?

By the way, we live in a super nice, super safe area, and the guy was driving a LEXUS.  Yes, I really do worry about absolutely everything.  That?  Is only a worry I verbalized.  I’m a freak.

Anyways, we escaped and made it to the grocery story UNSCATHED and UN-SHOT, and procured the beers.  I’ve read all of your lovely suggestions, and intend on trying many of them.  But, Andrew has insisted since he caught wind of this little project that he thinks I’d like one thing:


So, I tried Sam Adams Cherry Wheat.

My reaction was mixed.  The first sip was fine—very cherry, not so wheaty, and actually tasted good.  It was pretty light, and definitely drinkable.  My problem?

That weird, thick hops flavor at the end.  I really think that’s the part I need to adjust to—that weird, thick hops-y flavor at the end.  Yes, I realize completely that this is what many beer drinkers LIVE for, but to me?  There’s just something weird and icky about it.  It’s like I have liquid, foamy hay stuck in the back of my throat, a feeling I can definitely live without.  Still, this took it easy on the hops, and I liked that.

Oddly enough, this beer gave me hope that maybe, just maybe, I could learn to like beer.  Or at least tolerate it.



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12 responses to “Beer and worrying in Sacramento…

  1. ohhayitskk

    i have so many good beers i bet you would like. can you get magic hat where you are? they brew in vermont, but they have this great apricot flavored beer called #9 which is nice and light and fruity.

  2. I’m with kk- you would LOVE some Magic Hat, my dear. Stick with the fruities for a while- we will make it through this! xoxo

  3. If you don’t like the hoppy flavor, stay away from the IPAs (India Pale Ales). They are the hoppiest of the hoppy beers! I would stick with lagers and pilsners. Ambers can be pretty delicious, too. I love Alaskan Amber.

  4. I am not a beer drinker, at all. I just hate the taste and see no need to try to like it. I’d much rather reach for an ice-cold Coke than an ice-cold beer.

    Also, I’m with you on the freak-outs! Take today, for instance. I went to my brother’s house, knocked on his door and got no answer. So I called him and still didn’t get an answer. So I immediately think he and my 11-month-old nephew were murdered this morning and are lying in their own blood. Seriously.

    I called him a second time and he picked up. Everything was fine. Everything is always fine. Sigh.

  5. Juley

    Or you could be uber cool like me and refuse to touch alcohol!
    Oh yeah, and as far as sports go, ice hockey is where it’s at!!! I love it, and the only other sport I enjoy watching (besides the olympics) is basketball!
    Good luck with your ventures

  6. Ugh, I hate the Sam Cherry Wheat. Tastes so weird.

  7. Angel

    I ❤ Andrew so much for suggesting that. It's one of my favorite beers from Samuel Adams and that's coming from a guy who hasn't found the Sam Adams he didn't like. if I could make a little suggestion: go to a bar to taste some beers. They always taste better from a keg that is super cold and the best place to get that sort of treatment is at your local bar. You can also tell them what you're interesting in and what you're doing. I've found that bartenders tend to have great suggestions and, as long as it's not busy, are more then willing to chat about the selection.

  8. Woo Hoo! That was one of my suggestions! And that one is actually pretty heavy compared to my usual beers. Good for you for trying something different! Nothing wrong with sampling the unknown.

  9. Actually, the hops flavour isn’t everything; it’s really something you have to get used to, in my experience. The Cherry Wheat was a good choice, though! Here’s some other suggestions:

    Blue Moon (orange and lemon)
    Young’s Double Chocolate Stout (chocolate, duh)
    Any Hefeweizen (banana and nutmeg)

    I’m sure there’s others, but that’s a good start! I’m concocting a beer guide in my head now, so maybe there’ll be a post soon just for you!

  10. Ari

    I’m not big on the hoppy flavor either. I second Jaka’s suggestions – except I wouldn’t really describe Hefeweizens as banana-ish. Heffe’s are my favorite beers and I REALLY hate bananas….

  11. I’m not normally a beer drinker either, but oddly enough on both sunday and monday night I was out and felt like beer! First night I had a seasonal beer, it was summery with citrus tones, next night it was heineken, also not too ‘heavy’. I don’t know about these flavoured beers tho… we don’t really get them here, but I don’t think they’d be for me!

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