Things I’m Pondering…

I am totally aware that my blog has been overtaken by bullet points lately.  If you don’t like it, you can suck it.  Seriously.  I promise that this week will include less bullet points, but until then?  Please enjoy my shorter, more random ramblings.  Or don’t.

  • First, and most importantly: PLEASE keep praying for Grandma Carol.  Yesterday, her plasma started looking better, and she opened her eyes.  She is still on a ventilator, still has a very long way to go and is so in need of prayer and support.  To all of you who are keepin’ them coming—THANK YOU.  I seriously want to hug you all and buy you a drink.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  We still need them so badly.  My grandpa, mom and uncle are all very weary and need support and prayer for strength.This has been such a long journey already, and truthfully, it’s only beginning.
  • As I wrote yesterday, I re-joined 24 Hour Fitness.  And I’m happy to say that I’ve gone every day since I’ve joined, and am actually really enjoying being active.  It feels good.  Though, here’s my question: I spent 2 hours this morning working my ass off, yet, I came home and suddenly wanted to eat ice cream, cheese and other crap foods.  Um, what is WRONG with me?!  I ate a salad, and whole wheat spaghetti with organic tomato sauce, but still…the fact that I had the mere thought after sweating to death pissed me off.
  • I am seriously, seriously considering becoming a vegetarian again.  Like, for realsies.  There are many reasons I’ve been thinking about this.  First of all, my grandma’s illness can most likely be traced back to a bad sort of meat.  I am now scared shitless to eat anything with meat.  The other thing is that I drive by trucks carrying animals to slaughter every single day, and I get so sad every time I see a cute little piggy or cow and know that soon it will be food.  I feel so badly about participating in that.  BUT…I do love sushi, filet mignon, ground turkey…ahhhh.  It’s a tough call.  But, I do LOVE, LOVE, LOVE vegetarian food.  It’s a toss up.
  • WHY THE HELL HAVEN’T I BEEN WATCHING PROJECT RUNWAY?  When I worked for Banana Republic, and they had a deal, I watched it.  Today, I finally watched it again…and I love it.  And I want to have Tim Gunn live with me and help me “make it work” every morning.
  • I want a way to make my makeup look like this:


She is darling—but I tend to look like a tarty whore if I wear makeup like that.  JEALOUS.  Suggestions?

What’s on YOUR mind today?  Leave me some love in the comments and tell me what’s goin’ on.



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9 responses to “Things I’m Pondering…

  1. actually, i don’t like the makeup on her either o.o maybe just not the lipstick, that is…btw, found your blog from @theblogspot on twitter

  2. 1) Bullets are fun to read.

    2) Still praying!

    3) I always want hearty food when I come home from the gym. I think it’s because I have just burned off a bunch of calories right before dinner time so instead of just being hungry, I get home RAVENOUS. I usually find that if I avoid unhealthy foods for about a week, my body adjusts and starts craving healthy stuff so that makes life easier.

    4) My suggestion for the makeup look is actually not to try to replicate that look exactly. I think the only reason she looks cute is because she has that headband in her hair which makes her look more innocent. I think you should pick either the eyes or the lips to play up, but not both. If you are going to do red lips, add blush to your cheekbones and then go with natural makeup on your eyes. If you’re going to play up your eyes with dark eyeliner, go with a natural lipcolor. I think you’ll like what you see better that way 🙂

  3. That makeup is stunning. And the hair is stunning too.

    Actually, I kinda want to cut my hair and BE that girl. Is that possible?

    And why HAVEN’T you been watching PR?? You have been missing out!

  4. I think that happens to a lot of people, wanting to eat junk after working out. I think it’s because we feel we “deserve” it. “Hey, I just burned 500 calories. I deserve a candy bar!” But, obviously, that’s NOT the way to go. What you did was awesome! It also sounded very, very yummy. And very, very healthy.

    I’ve been praying for your grandma! And I’ll keep on praying! 🙂

  5. Juley

    Amers, you are cracking me up!
    I think Gwen Stefani pulls off the red lipstick and eye makeup better than that girl! Still working on finding my style statement. I think NATURAL may be one of my words. Seems to fit me quite well. And even though I worry more about people than animals, I am very eco-friendly and recycle, reuse and REDUCE, and use only one light at a time….

  6. Madeline

    That makeup is super cute! But usually, either the eyes OR the lips- not both. And yeah, some people just can’t pull off a full face of makeup… That’s not bad.
    Really though, you could totally do a light version of it! A thick line of black eyeliner wouldn’t make you look like a whore. And then some sort of colored lipgloss, not too heavy, and then a headband!!! do it! SO cute!
    See you soon! :o)

  7. Tarty Whore? HAHA. I’ve been told that the secret to red lipstick is to put on the lipstick and then do your eyes so you get the fully picture. And hopefully look less like a tarty whore. But how should I know? I’m make-up retarded.

  8. I’m totally with you on carby cravings after the gym! The trainer guy at my gym told me that the body burns up carbs when you’re doing weights, so if you’re doing something other than cardio, that might be why you’re craving junk. The pasta’s a good route, even if it’s not what you want. Another good sugar-fix is FF, SF pudding made with half milk, half Cool Whip!

    Also, I can’t do the red lipstick thing myself, primarily because my face has red undertones and I always wind up looking over-flushed. So I’m no help there, but good luck with that! :3

  9. awmb

    You are cute. And I love bullet points. They’re to the point, you know?

    My advice to becoming vegetarian and not craving the gross food is just to simply start cutting out the unhealthy food, and replace it with yummy stuff! I compare it to myself and not eating fish. I haven’t eaten it since I was 10 (and didn’t like it then), and because I have this mentality that ‘I don’t eat it,’ I don’t crave it. The first step is just getting it out of your system so your body doesn’t crave it anymore. The second is to control yourself. But it doesn’t hurt to put a bit of cheesy goodness in your salad. Mmmm feta… I’m not helping, am I?

    As for the makeup, I’m pretty sure the only reason she doesn’t look like a tramp is because of the headband and the super light, straight hair. But if you do want to pull that look off and want to do the eyes and lips combo, just make sure to do it in moderation. Make sure that you only have 1 selling point so people don’t get overwhelmed. If you’re looking for red lips and it feels like too much, try to use a softer color, or thin it out with a little lip balm. As for the eyeliner, I have about 5 angle brushes that I use on a regular basis (I have that many mainly because I’m too lazy to wash them). In makeup school I also learned to make sure that you’re only focusing at maximum 2 of the 3 key features of your face. Eyes, cheeks or lips. I’ll stop there because I could probably write an essay, but if you need more tips, I gots lots of them.

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