When I think…

When I think about my grandma, I think about being a little girl, tucked between her and my grandfather as we drive from California to Arizona.  I think about my first ride on an airplane.  I think of laying on the floor reading, while she and my Papa worked in their office and watching the fan whir around above me.  I think about her taking me swimming for hours because it was hot, but also because she liked it as much as I did.  I think of her and my grandpa coming to endless band concerts, to sitting next to her on the piano bench as she taught me chords and sang along to “Unchained Melody” as I slowly learned to play.  I think of conversations on her porch, and her pride in me as I graduated from college and got my teaching credential.  I think of nonfat, Black Cherry vanilla yogurt for dessert, of a week spent in Washington, D.C. with just her and my grandpa.  I think of her emails and calls and cards.  I think of her meeting me for breakfast when I first decided to get divorced, and her being one of few people who actually understood it, because she’d been there.  I think of the way her house smells, and all of the things she’s taught me.  I think of how lucky I am to have a grandma who understands me, who is my friend.

Grandma Carol was doing better…but as I sit here, I have tears streaming down my cheeks because she took a turn for the worse this afternoon, completely out of the blue.  We need her, and we love her.  Please, please, please continue to pray for her.  My family loves and cares for her so much—and basically, we would need a miracle at this point.



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11 responses to “When I think…

  1. Peggy

    Oh please send a miracle our way. My mom is an amazing woman and I need her still in my life!!!

  2. annie

    We are so…praying for Carol. We know that Peggy needs her Mom and everyone else needs her too.

  3. ohhayitskk

    sending all my love your way.

  4. Ari

    Y’all are in my thoughts!!! (and I’m now bawling like a baby in my office….)

  5. Christina

    Sending more prayers and good thoughts and hugs your way.

  6. Juley

    Amy, Gosh, I am so sorry to read this.
    Your memories are so detailed and precious, and a wonderful thing to hold on to right now.

  7. Katy

    Amy, I can’t imagine what you are going through. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  8. My thoughts are with you. I know what it’s like to be in your situation and how hard it is. Hold on and hang in there as long as possible.

  9. I am pulling and praying with everything I got, love. xoxo

  10. Wow, I am so sorry to hear this. Late last year, my grandma was in the hospital with colitis, which was a very scary time. She had been healed of cancer but was still going through chemotherapy. Thankfully, she was fine and sent home within 3 days. I’ll be praying extra hard for your grandma!

  11. ::big hugs:

    You and your family are definitely in my prayers.

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