Answers & Questions

So, thanks to those of you who played along yesterday with 2 Truths and A Lie.  Drumroll…

1.  In 8th grade, I won the Bright Smile award and spoke at my school’s promotion ceremony.

This one is TRUTH.  There was a time, friends, when I was ridiculously perky and cheery and not cynical.  While I’m now what I like to consider a “cynical optimist” the days of eternal cheer are gone.  But, at 13, I was gifted with the “Bright Smile” award (along with a crap ton of other classmates) because “I brightened my teachers day!”  I also spoke at my 8th grade promotion ceremony as the representative from our teaching team’s group of kids.  My speech was entitled “Life Is Like A Symphony,” as I was also a band nerd at the time.

2.  All throughout school, I was never tardy, and never earned a detention.

This one is also the truth.  I was never late to school and never, ever got a detention.  EVER.  I had a teacher once threaten to write me up for saying “crap” but my crazy tears stopped her.  I’ve seriously never sat in a detention or been sent to the office for doing anything bad.  You know what they say though—good girls are just bad girls that haven’t been caught.

But seriously.  Um, I waited ’til after the detention days to do anything even slightly bad.

3.  I failed math all through school, but still managed to graduate, due to attending summer school every year.

This is a big lie.  I am not a math person, not even a little bit.  But, I always got a B, except for that one time I received a C.  But, I never had to attend summer school or anything else.  I am definitely not a math person, but I did work my butt off, and always managed to do okay.

So, those are my answers to yesterday’s questions.  But today, I have a question of my own:

Who thinks this is a good idea?  Baby hands?!  Really?  I already hated the scary Burger King guy, but this?



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3 responses to “Answers & Questions

  1. annie

    just not right!!! Didn’t like the one of the babies on roller skates dancing……that was wierd too!

  2. I think commercials have gotten a little desperate lately. If they don’t scare me or bore me to tears then they make me cringe. I think the only way to make people pay attention anymore is to freak them out. What the crap.

    I like the commercial where the family is on the back porch talking about their phone plan and the kid says “Dad, you should really cut it out with the twitter updates” and the dad types in “I am sitting on the porch” and then cackles like heh heh. It is so funny, such a dad thing to do.

    And yeah, I was the same way in high school. I was never late, never missed a day, never skipped, but I just did not get math. My teachers had pushed me in to math classes that were above my skill level because I was taking AP classes in all of the other areas and had to keep up. I appreciate that push now because I am in college and I don’t have to take any math classes because I got college credit for it back in high school but it sucked when I would get a B or a C in those classes like you said. It was very frustrating not understanding any of it.

  3. Those BK commercials are so odd! I don’t get them. I hate the newest one where “The King” is at a sleepover or something and when the girl wakes up afte rbeing sprayed with shaving cream…he is just THERE. It’s just creepy.

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