Two Truths & A Lie

Until I have something to share about all that’s going on, I think it’d be fun to play a little game I stole from this lovely girl: Two Truths and A Lie!  I’ve played it before, obvs, but never on my blog, and I thought it’d be fun.  So, I’m going to post two truths about myself, and one lie.  Leave a guess in the comments.  I get what I want, so do it!

Since I’m a teacher and it’s Back To School time, all of mine will be school-related.  Good luck!

1.  In 8th grade, I won the Bright Smile award and spoke at my school’s promotion ceremony.

2.  All throughout school, I was never tardy, and never earned a detention.

3.  I failed math all through school, but still managed to graduate, due to attending summer school every year.

GO!  Leave your guesses in a comment!



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12 responses to “Two Truths & A Lie

  1. kel

    I think number 1 is a lie. Who would let you speak? haha. I played this game for our new staff orientation yesterday. So fun.

  2. tabithablogs

    I’ll guess #2. And hey! I do a weekly theme called Truth Tuesday where I play two truths and a lie, too! 🙂 Which reminds me, I need to get today’s written.

  3. annie

    I think #3 is a lie. I cannot see this from you! The bright smile award definitely. Speaking, yep. Who escapes 13 years of Tardy?

  4. Number 1 has to be true. So I’m guessing 3 is the lie? …I’m AWFUL at this game.

  5. Gina

    #1 & #2 are both truth. #3 is a lie!

  6. 1 and 2 are truths. 3 is a lie. 🙂

  7. This is fun! We actually did this as an icebreaker in one of my classes last week. Hm…I can’t see #1 being a lie. It seems too concise. Although I never earned a detention throughout school, I did have some days of being tardy due to bus situations.

    I’m guessing #3!

  8. Katie

    I think #2 is the lie. Oh, and know I’m keeping you and your family in my thoughts! Internet hugs!

  9. There is NOTHING wrong with being tardy.

    That’s what my mom says.

  10. Fun! I guess number 2, who can escape school without one detention? I was a miss goody two-shoes, but I still got at least one detention. Though I’m also leaning toward 3 based on other people’s comments and logic…

  11. Juley Robarge Woods

    Ok, I am guessing #3, because I vaguely THINK I remember you speaking at 8th grade graduation.
    But come to think of it, maybe our breaks where we would wolf down its its and laffy taffy made you late?

  12. I’m guessing number 2

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