The best text message I’ve ever received…

I was sitting at my desk a few minutes ago, when I got a text from my Dad:

News from the doctor:  the chest x-ray is normal, as is the CT scan.  Looks like we’re headed in the right direction.  Love you!”

I immediately called him, and he confirmed: the cancer has NOT spread and a simple surgery should remove it.

I then burst into tears, crying hysterically with joy.  I also got an email from my Mom—grandma is doing better, and while she’s still critical, she is moving in the right direction.

Relief does not even begin to cover my feelings right now.

THANK YOU.  To all of you who emailed, called, prayed, sent texts, Facebook-ed, G-Chatted, sent cards and held good thoughts for my family, thank you.  We are so humbled by your love and support, and so grateful. 

I don’t even know what to say or do at this point.  I’m teary with relief and gratitude.



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9 responses to “The best text message I’ve ever received…

  1. WONDERFUL news!!! I am so thankful. Now go home and hug everyone you know. 🙂

  2. Praise God that it hasn’t spread… praise GOD!

  3. A Super Girl


  4. Yay! That’s a relief.

  5. Ari

    Yay!!! That’s wonderful news!!

  6. That’s terrific news!!!!

  7. chasingparadise

    YAY! (I’m a little late to this party, but yessssssss!) Best thing I’ve heard today. I’m so happy for your dad, your grandma, and YOU! 🙂

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