Well, well, well.

This Monday seems to suck a bit more than most, not gonna lie. I wish I had some “miracle” to share with y’all, but we are still in the midst of waiting, waiting, waiting for news. My grandmother was transferred to a hospital with better specialists and treatments for her condition. Her doctors were fairly confident that she will beat this; however, we are still in a very scary, touch and go place. It’s frightening, as things can change so quickly.

As for my dad, he has his CAT scan today. It’s so hard, to feel so helpless, so unable to do anything to help. As someone with a bit of a control problem, it’s incredibly difficult to not know, to not have anything to do that can make things easier or better. Yesterday, I tried to do the best things I could do: I spent a lovely afternoon with my parents. My dad and I went out for Starbucks; my mom and I sat and chatted.

It’s amazing how a few days can shift your perspective so completely. I’ve had my life turned upside down before, but not like this. Not in a way that is scary, out of my hands, and dramatic. While I’ve always been grateful for my parents and my family in general, I realize once again how blessed we are to be so bonded. Sure, it hurts, because this whole situation is heartbreaking because we are so close, but I feel so lucky that I never have to doubt that my dad knows that I love him. I feel lucky that in the middle of such a terrible time, we have one another to sit with, to cry with, to laugh with.

To those who emailed me, called me, sent me texts, left comments, Tweeted at me, etc.—thank you. Thank you so much. Your support gives us hope and comfort. We are so thankful. PLEASE keep it up, and keep it comin’.



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13 responses to “Perspective

  1. Hoping for some good news for your family today…prayers as always.

  2. I’m thinking about you guys- I hope you’re doing alright and are taking the time to be kind to yourself.

  3. chasingparadise

    I’m just now catching up on my reader…been away from the computer since Thursday. I thought I had a bad week, but oh dear. I’m so sorry honey. I’m definitely keeping your family in my thoughts and prayers. The waiting is the worst part. But you’re doing everything you can do. xoxo

  4. Sam

    Hang in there, sweet Amy…I know today will be long. Will be praying for THE BEST NEWS POSSIBLE. And I’m thankful to hear that your grandmother is receiving more specialized care…

  5. verybadcat

    You and your family are in my thoughts. My Mom was diagnosed with breast cancer a year ago, so if you need someone to talk to about health problems with the ‘rents and all the ensuing emotional turmoil, I’m ready, willing and waiting.

  6. I’m praying that every piece of news you receive about your father and your grandmother will be good news, that something is improving, that there is something that can be acted on, that things are getting better. I’m praying for peace for your mind as well because it’s so hard to feel like you have nothing to do but wait. Lots of love being sent your way this morning.

  7. You are most definitely in my daily thoughts. I know what it’s like to go through something scary like this, and you just have to know that whatever you’re thinking and/or feeling is ok. It’s ok to be angry, sad, scared, etc. It’s also ok to smile and laugh and enjoy yourself – as the old saying goes, laughter is the best medicine. It’s good for your soul.

  8. ReinventingAmy

    i’ve def said a few prayers for you! I just lost my grandfather recently and prayer is def a confort in tough times. hopefully things will pull through with your family

  9. Juley Robarge Woods

    You hit the nail on the head- it is so scary because it is out of your control. I think how you are handling things (by spending time with your parents) is the best way.
    And a good reminder to everyone else to value their families!!!

  10. I am so sorry to hear this news but am praying forsome good news to be sent your way! A year ago (May 2008) my grandma was diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer and in October of that same year, she was declared cancer free. This is a lady who is 66 years old and super, super weak. Almost a year later and she’s the same grandma I used to know. So, yes, miracles do still happen! And they can happen for your family! I’ll be praying!!

  11. I’m continuing to keep you in my thoughts and prayers!

  12. A Super Girl

    Thinking of you. Skin cancer, to me, is just as scary as breast cancer, if not scarier. It’s so easy to forget about prevention (hello tanning beds!), and it’s so easy for it to sneak up on you.

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