You Can’t Make This Up

I suppose I should start this post with a disclaimer: I’m not a bathroom talk person.  I’ve read the book but on the whole, the topic makes me wildly uncomfortable.  Unless I’m talking with Andrew, and then, well…living with someone definitely opens a variety of conversation topics.


Yesterday, after work, I had to attend a meeting for an extracurricular club I’m in charge of.  About halfway through the meeting, I had to use the restroom.  I walked down the hallway, and found the restroom.  I went in, quickly used the bathroom (um, not what the book discusses) and washed my hands.  When I exited the bathroom, there was a woman standing outside.  I smiled and tried to pass her.  She stopped and looked at me.

“Did everything come out okay?” she said.  “I’m always here if you need a little push.”

I’ve heard this little bathroom joke before.  But, really?!  To a stranger.  The following scenarios ran through my mind:

1)  She honestly thought I was someone else.  Maybe she thought she was speaking to a close friend?

2)  Perhaps this poor woman is a nervous talker.  She saw a stranger, wanted to be friendly and then decided a bathroom joke was the best way to break the ice.

3)  Um, I’m out.

Anyways, whatever her reasons, she sufficiently creeped me out.


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7 responses to “You Can’t Make This Up

  1. That comment creeped me out too. I would say run away quickly.

  2. Juley Robarge Woods

    Well, since you thought my mom’s sex comment was so funny, I could totally see my mom saying something like that joking around to someone!
    But yes, very odd. What about when people are on their cell phone in the stall next to you, and you think they are talking to you?
    It goes something like this….
    “How are you?”
    By this point you are considering responding, when you realize they are talking on a cell phone!!!

  3. Oh.

    Oh my.

    That is SO not okay. And if I’m saying that?


  4. What in THEE HELL?!?!
    I always react sheepishly, but pretend I think they’re funny in awkward situations like that…but then, later, I always wish I would have done something to freak them out in return. Like, what if you just started sobbing hysterically and cowering against the wall right after she said it? Ha ha! …just to mess with her. People are freaks.

  5. Oh my God- I would die. That is hilariously awkward.

  6. awmb

    Ugh that just urked me a little. I don’t think I’ve ever heard that saying, and I don’t particularly want to. Ever.

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