Trying to turn hate to love

I have two confessions about things that I hate.

First of all, I hate sports.  I don’t get them.  I have yet to ever comprehend WHYYYYY people spend time watching grown men run around, slamming in to one another and throwing a ball.  And you people you get pissed off when your team loses?  You confound me.  Why?  Does it matter?  Do you personally get traded to another team or lose your contract or something?  Oh, no, you don’t?  Then why the anger and general pissiness regarding sporting events?  I love my favorite bands, but if I see that they’re not doing well on Billboard or what not, I don’t get violently angry.

OK, so that’s my deal with sports.

The second thing I strongly dislike is beer.  It tastes gross to me.  And I know I’m weird.  I love wine, girly drinks, and most other forms of adult beverages.  But beer?  Ick.  I just hate it.

Still, somewhere in my mind, I wish I was one of those super cool girls who genuinely enjoy football and don’t regard Super Bowl Sunday as Snack Day with Good Commercials.  I wish I could attend a sporting event and give a flying rip about what was taking place on the field or court.  And most of all, I wish I was skinny and hot and could pound a beer with the guys at a baseball game, while looking adorable eating a hot dog.

Thus begins my quest.

Earlier today, I watched a football game.  I am currently watching a baseball game, and while I generally enjoy baseball, for the most part, it’s rare that I’m all, “Hey!  Let’s watch a baseball game!”  Hold me.  Also, hold my father, brother and boyfriend, who I fear will faint when they hear that THIS IS WHAT I’M DOING WITH MY TIME.  Anyone want to give me a sports overview?  Tell my why I should care exactly?  Explain some of the rules so maybe I understand why people yell at the screen during football?

I’m also looking for beer suggestions.  What kind is the least disgusting?  I like framboise (a raspberry lambic) but what run-of-the-mill, relatively cheap beer should I try to drink first?  I’m hoping it’s sort of like wine: an acquired taste.  Lord knows that I started out not really loving wine, and have ended up a huge wino.  I have hope.  But I also have no clue where to begin.



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22 responses to “Trying to turn hate to love

  1. Jen

    I am so not a beer drinker, either. I don’t mind Fat Tire or Corona with a lime, though. Sam Adams has a summer brew that I can’t for the life of me recall the name of. Has some sort of berry taste to it, I remember that much. Other than that, give me vodka any day!

  2. Katy

    I like a Heineken light… as long as its cold, and a Fat Tire is always good…

  3. Why would you want to be like everyone else? Not liking sports and beer is just a part of who you are. I don’t know if it is worth it to try and like stuff that you are really not in to. Sorry, those are just my thoughts, don’t mean to be rude.

  4. kel

    You donlt like football and beer? This friendship is over. Unless you start rooting for the Chargers, that is!!!

  5. I hear ya on the sports! I totally do not enjoy watching sports…especially on TV. I can enjoy going TO a baseball game, as long as there are no extra innings. But no sports on TV for me. I especially dislike when there is a gathering (unless it is a specific sport -centered gathering such as Super Bowl) and there are sports on the whole time. But about beer….I do like beer. I used to hate beer. I never even drank beer until after college. But now, it is a drink of choice. I think you should try Bud Light Lime. I think if I drank Bud Light Lime a long time ago (well it wasn’t out then) I would have liked beer a long time ago. So that is my suggestion. It has a yummy taste and is cheap and light!

  6. I was the same way! Did not drink beer at all through college, because I thought all beer tasted like…well…frat beer. Wretched. Try Blue Moon, Fat Tire (not too bad, but might be a bit strong for you at first), or transition slowly with something quasi-girly, like Sam Adams Cherry Wheat (YUMMY) or one of the varieties of Leinenkugel. Their berry is very good and will get you used to the beer taste, but it’s also very fruity.

  7. …and should mention, around these parts, a case of six of all mentioned usually runs between 6 and 8 bucks.

  8. Blue Moon…you put orange slices in there so that may help you acquire the taste. I love beer.

  9. pinwheel28

    I’m with you as well. I HATE football. I don’t want to go to the Superbowl party just fot the commercials even. I just don’t want to be there. I also do not like beer. People have tried to get me to aquire it, but honestly…I still don’t like it and it makes me feel bloated. However, if I had to, I would choose a cider. It is beerish but also kind of applish and very “fall.” I actually enjoy it when I’m eating a burger or hot dog. The thing is, I think it’s better not to like beer. Mixed drinks are more sophisticated anyway :).

    Oh yeah, I should add…I’ve always enjoyed basketball, but I actually got into baseball a couple years ago. I never understood why people would sit and watch a baseball game on TV. Then I moved down the street from the Cubs. There was something cool about watching a game and being able to hear the fans from down the street at the same time. So, I started rooting with my neighborhood, and before I knew it, I knew every player on the team. I don’t know how it happened, it just did. I wouldn’t force it though. If you don’t like it, you don’t like it. Oh well.

  10. Katie

    I agree that that Blue Moon or Leinenkugel are both good places to start…Leinenkugel has a “Summer Shandy” that has lemonade in it or something, it’s really good. I had a friend who swore that nobody really liked the taste of either coffee or beer, it just began to have a positive connotation because you had a good time drinking them, or something. If you think about it, you probably didn’t love the taste of coffee the first time you drank it. While I’m not sure I agree with that, because I love the taste of both, maybe he had a point…maybe get a bunch of the beers suggested and have a tasting party with your girlfriends, or just your boyfriend or whatever. Have great food too, and see if you can find one you like w/out forcing yourself.

  11. Beer is definitely an acquired taste just like wine. I got over the hump to liking it in high school when my bf got sick of buying me vodka and duct taped a 40 to each of my hands and told me I couldn’t pee until they were gone. Mission accomplished.

    You’re on your own with sports, though. I just fake that.

  12. wordsofwinsome

    I agree with Caitlin Amy… my opinion too, of course…

    I also agree with Lemmonx, the blue moon with orange is ok. I’m not a beer drinker myself, beer is an aquired taste. As for sports, if I’m at the event, I’m having a blast. If I’m home in front of the TV I would rather stare at the furniture in the room and rearrange it in my mind!

    Apparently, I enjoy a glass of port and interior design! 🙂

  13. I LOVE baseball. But mostly because I grew up in a family of Cubs fans, and for them BASEBALL IS LIFE. I lost a bit of interest when they all went on strike that one time and there wasn’t a World Series that year, but eventually my love for the game came back. Anyhoo, what I love about it is that the whole direction of the game can change in the blink of an eye. A missed catch, a grand slam, it can change everything. I just love that. Being at the ballpark on a sunny day, eating hot dogs and drinking beer is seriously heaven to me.

    Can’t help you with beer. In my experience, either you like it or you don’t. But, lighter beers have less of the “beer” flavor. I love beer. Too much actually. I can’t get into the sweet drinks.

  14. I love most beer and I think some good beers to try are Pilsners and Blondes. Stella Artois is quite delicious, too. Blue Moon is also really good, but HELLO CALORIES. Any wheat beer/Hefeweisen is full of calories and really heavy.

    I love baseball, but most other professional sports are ridiculous to me. I absolutely hate football. I’m actually more of an individual sport kind of gal. I love watching cycling (been watching Le Tour de France since I was a wee lass) and swimming and track and field and all that kind of stuff.

    But who says you have to like either?

  15. I dislike sports and I hate beer. We could be twins from another mother.

  16. I am not a beer lover either, and I grew up in Germany! Don’t feel bad. My alcoholic beverage of choice will alway be a good glass of Pinot Noir. Always!!! And that’s OK! I embrace it. However, there is actually one kind of beer I do enjoy: a wheat beer, with a slice of lemon. Especially at the end of a hot summer day. It is hard to find good wheat beer on tap in this country. You can however get it bottled in almost any supermarket. If you live near a “Yard House”, they have the best wheat beer on tap: Franziskaner!!! Give it a try!

  17. I am dismayed to be discovering that beer might just be an acquired taste that I might just be acquiring. I mean, I really cling to my stance about hating beer. I don’t even *want* to like beer, but on rare occasion it sort of seems like the thing to drink regardless of whether I like it. Like at a pub in Ireland. Or on St. Patrick’s Day. Or when you’re out bowling with friends and they order a pitcher of beer and nothing else and you don’t want to be THAT GIRL who insists on ordering something different.

    So, that happened last night and I had a beer with my friends just because it was there. And I ENJOYED IT. WTF.

    Anyway, so it seems I like wheat beers and any kind of beer with honey in the title, i.e. Sleeman’s Honey Brown. And I should be clear that by “like”, I mean “tolerate” without feeling the urge to water the plants with the second half of the beer. I assume that’s what you’re aiming for here, as well.

    Re: sports. I hate football and consider it mainly an opportunity to laugh at a bunch of men dressed in spandex with massive shoulder pads under their shirts, hugging each other’s butts for the entertainment of others. I get bored after about 5 minutes. But I love ice hockey. I am Canadian after all. You could try watching hockey? It’ll be back in September or October!

  18. Thank you for saying exactly what I was thinking.

  19. Ari

    I have no clue about sports – my dad’s been desperately trying to instill a love of football in me since I was 4. I do like soccer – but that’s mainly cause there are lots of hot guys that play soccer….

    I do, however, love beer. I’m really fond of White Ales (Chimay White is my favorite) and Hefflewiessens (Shiner makes a good one). I’ve heard them described as “girly beers” but they’re just a little bit fruiter and taste “lighter” to me. As far as run-of-the-mill cheap beer, I drink Corrs Light. If you have a “Flying Saucer” restaurant near, I would suggest going there and asking for a “flight of beer” – you get 5 2oz. glasses of beer, so you can try out different ones and see what you like.

  20. A Super Girl

    I have officially given up on beer and so that’s my suggestion 😉 I’m like you and don’t really like it, plus it makes me feel all sick. Soooo…I stick with wine and the occasional flavored martini.

  21. party_shoes

    Funny, I used to hate beer and sports too! While I’ve tolerated many a natty ice or coors light at (frat) parties, the first I ever enjoyed was a pyramid apricot ale at a super bowl party. Apricot ale is delicious AND a respectable choice (I think). I started with that and blue moon and now I love beer. Can’t help you with the sports, though,
    except to say that, like some of the dudes you might watch them with, they’re less boring with a few drinks in ya.

  22. lesliecallan

    I hate sports, love beer. I even like Guinness, but you would absolutely hate dark beer if you don’t like the bitter aftertaste.

    The key for me is that beer has to be really cold, and I drink it fast so it stays cold. I put it in the freezer for about 10 minutes before drinking it. My favorite beers are:

    1. Pyramid Apricot Ale (you might like this- have you ever tried one at my house?)
    2. Newcastle (don’t think you would like it)
    3. Corona Light with lime (fresh, not artificial lime already in it)

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