Fat Tuesday, Week 3: Getting Back On The Horse

So, I’ve been working out.  Ummm…it sucks.

I pray that one day, I’ll be one of those people, like a friend of mine who said to me a few weeks ago, “I had such a bad day!  I hope I have time to run more than my usual 5 miles before I go to yoga!”

REALLY?  You want to run?  Like, want to?

I basically hate people like that.  When I run, I sound like a choking hippo.  When I do much of anything, I hate it.

Still, I’m trying to view it as a necessary email.  And the truth is that I DO feel better, mentally and physically when I work out.  But I still hate it.

Besides the challenge of doing this every day—or at least most days, I have to admit that staying in my points budget has been difficult.  I miss going to dinner and ordering what I like.  I sometimes hate having to count every little bit of food that goes into my mouth.  But, I’m staying the course.  I will do this.  When I think about the positives: being really healthy, wearing a bathing suit without feeling uncomfortable (okay, that might not EVER happen, but I’d feel better), dressing in clothes I feel better about, it makes it all worth it.

But those hours on the treadmill, and the healthy lunches, and the “NO, NO, NO” to bad food can be a little wearing.

Wish me well, would you?



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11 responses to “Fat Tuesday, Week 3: Getting Back On The Horse

  1. kel

    You’ll get there. But, trust me, you may never be happy with the bikini thing, no matter your weight. Oh well. There’s always shoes.

  2. I am working out to. I hate it also. It sucks. But I do it. I think of the health benefits and the fact it reduces my stress….but I still hate it.

  3. Working out is totally punishment to me. At least my gym has TVs so I can watch Tyra while I do it… that trainwreck is the only thing that keeps me going.

  4. I’m with you, I want to work out and be healty, but I don’t want to…

  5. Christina

    You can do it Amy! Your motivation is amazing! You know how I feel about running… I don’t do it unless something is chasing me, and then, if it is going to get me anyway, I will stop running and save my energy for fighting it off! Yes, I am lazy and I want to lose weight… can turning pages while you read and texting aid in weight loss by any chance? Best of luck my friend!

  6. Loads of luck–and ti is ok to admit you do not like it.

  7. I used to hate working out but it turns out that jogging is one of the few moments in a day that I get to myself and so I got to look forward to that. I get to think and think and think or just blare music from my headphones to drown out the thoughts.

    Eating healthy is the hardest part for me. I love food too much and portion control has been working until the weekend rolls around and I binge eat.

    Best of luck to you!

  8. tabithablogs

    It’s such a tough thing to stay diligent with diet and exercise…definitely sending good-luck vibes your way! (And my favorite line from this post is probably, “…view it as a necessary email.” Pretty sure that was unintentional, but it’s totally something I’d say. On purpose. Or something.)

  9. I *hate* going to the gym. I hate getting dressed, going there, working out, being covered in sweat, coming home, showering. Everything. But, I do it because I want to be healthy and I want to increase my strength/endurance. Losing weight is definitely a motivation, but I’m trying not to make it a primary one.

    As for the diet part, I still haven’t figured out what I need to be eating in order to not gain more weight. I start eating healthier and still gain, etc. Textbook diets don’t do it for me cos it just comes back (even with exercise). I’d love to meet with a nutritionist on that score.

    It sounds like you’re winning the struggle, though, hon. You know what your challenges are and you’re still meeting them, even though it’s hard. Keep up the great work!

  10. Try and find an exercise that you DO like. I really don’t enjoy running, but I force myself to run sometimes. But I can walk and walk and walk for hours. And you know what? Walking burns calories more efficiently than running does, so maybe give that a try?

    Good luck, you’re doing GREAT!!!

  11. Oh you’re doing great, it’s hard work. Keep at it!

    I hate running too and do it as little as possible. I don’t mind the elliptical at the gym so much, and I kind of like yoga and rowing, but that’ about it. Otherwise exercise is a chore. I’ll do it anyway, but I don’t enjoy it either!

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