You’d Never Guess

So, by this point in the blog journey, y’all know what I look like, right?  You’ve seen how awkward I am?  OK, well I have a confession to make that might surprise you.

I am obsessed with hip hop.  Like, completely and totally obsessed.  Sure, my first love will always be unwashed psuedo-hippies with acoustic guitars, but nothing gets me in a good mood like a sick beat and some dirty lyrics.  No jokes.

On our first date, Andrew got into my car and I started it up, forgetting that I was BLARING Mac Dre.  Like, at an abnormally loud volume.  Andrew looked a bit less than pleased, so I nervously explained that I like to “listen to the same music my students do so I can relate.”

This, friends, is the first only first time I lied to my boyfriend.  The truth?  I’d been lovin’ it the whole way home from work.

Andrew’s response?  “Well, when in Rome…”

I laughed, because inside, I knew that sometime, he’d have to come to terms with the fact that it’s not unusual to put in a mix CD that contains some Jay-Z, The Knux, Kanye and Kelis.  In fact, it’s rare that I don’t throw a little E-40 down in the mix.  Even though I’m not the world’s best dancer—well, at least not until I’ve had a few drinks, then, I’M AWESOME, in my opinion—it’s not unusual to see me breakin’ it down on the dance floor when a good beat comes on.

I like it.  It makes me happy.  And even better?  I have a totally new obsession that accompanies it.


Every Sunday, while Andrew is at work, I spend my time catching up on the sick dance moves these people pull off.  Oh, and being totally jealous.  I wish I could shake it, take it low and do half the foot work these fools do.  At my school, many of my students have formed “crews” and while most teachers are annoyed by the constant dance parade happening in the courtyard, I’m usually somewhere in the middle, watching students get creative.

It’s my guilty pleasure.  So, if you ever see a girl with huge curly hair rappin’ on the freeway?

It could be me.



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12 responses to “You’d Never Guess

  1. kel

    I like to think I can shake my booty with the best of them (lord knows I got enough jiggle), but I’m not really a hip hop fan anymore. I hate the message kids are receiving. And I just made myself sound really old. Ewww!!!

  2. ha ha! Love it!! Get down with your bad self!

  3. Omg I love hip hop too!! I was trying to find a song that represents “who I am” for the first day of school today and my initial thought was “Dirt Off Your Shoulder” or Lil Flip but I had to go with something a bit more tame.

  4. Jen

    I am in love with America’s Best Dance Crew. I am not ashamed to admit it gets DVR’d here. LOL

  5. A Super Girl

    So a couple years ago, I took a hip hop dance class at a local dance studio. Because, when you’re a white chick with no moves, why wouldn’t you?!

    Ended up being a bunch of high school kids and soccer moms who’s children took ballet at the studio…BUT it was such a blast. Especially the part where we had a recital and all my friends got to laugh at me attempting to pop and lock to Yin Yang Twins.

  6. I love to think of scary youths dance fighting like in West Side Story. I think we need more singing and dancing gangs. Also, they might not be scary youths, really, but I’m generally frightened of all youths.

  7. Ari

    You are so not alone in this!! I add a car-dancing routine to my raps . . . and quickly change the radio station when my bf gets in the car. I don’t know if I’m ready to confess to him yet!

  8. Every time I come home from work, the TV is on “MTV Jams”. B listens to it while he gets ready every. Single. Morning.

  9. Ohh, this show. It is the BEST thing to watch in the gym, to distract me from how much I hate the treadmill. The only danger is that I might forget where I am, and my gyrations might get me thrown right off my cardio equipment of choice. :/

  10. I have been in love with hip hop since the first time the beat hit my eardrums. I have a mix cd of angry hip hop for my bad days and then there’s the “let’s get ready, hit the club and shake our booties” collection.

  11. Christina

    Okay, I am so laughing picturing your car dance-offs! You rock my friend, or you “hip-hop” rather! ;o)

  12. awmb

    You are by far my new favourite blog to read. Well, not you personally, but you know what I mean. But I too have this incredibly guilty pleasure for hip hop. Although I don’t have a major knowledge for the genre, a good beat’s a good beat. And I’m not going to lie, I’ve seen Jay-Z live. Take that indie hipster folk kids!

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