Silent Saturday

Um, I’m still recovering from my hellish week, so I don’t have much to say.

But, have no fear!

You can do as I did and spent HOURSSSS on Lamebook laughing at people who either don’t know how to use Facebook OR who use it in really awkward, weird ways.

Also, you should check out this lovely lady.  And this one.

I will be back soon, once I’ve had my fill of sitting on my rear, watching Obsessed and reading.  Ahhhh.

Happy Saturday, guys!



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3 responses to “Silent Saturday

  1. Madeline

    1. Lamebook?! what the heck…
    2. Obsessed is pretty good, I guess. I wanted to rent that since I saw the previews and it was O.K.
    3. Can’t wait until monday! :o)
    Have a great rest of your weekend!

  2. wordsofwinsome

    Are you talking about Obsessed the movie or Obsessed the T.V. show. Both pretty good, but you really can’t watch either twice. It quickly looses it’s luster. So, I take it Gilmore Girls is finished. bummer!

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