Things I’d Rather Be Doing Today…

Instead of work today, I’d rather be doing the following:

  • Staying at home in my pj’s
  • Sleeping until noon
  • Drinking coffee in the sunshine
  • Getting a mani/pedi
  • Creating something fun with paper and glue and paint and scissors
  • Sitting near the ocean with a good book
  • On a plane to anywhere

Where would you rather be today?

I’d take any of the options above.  Instead?  I’ll be working, grading papers and then participating in our Back To School night, where I get to attempt to convince parents that I know what I’m doing.  Whee.

Happy Thursday, y’all!



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6 responses to “Things I’d Rather Be Doing Today…

  1. A Super Girl

    I need a pedicure so bad it’s sad, really. I’d also take sitting with a book on the beach over working today.

    Happy Back to School Night!!

  2. I would much rather be floating on an air mattress on Lake Washington, soaking up some sun. Or on a patio somewhere sipping margaritas. Instead, I’ll be working a 14 hour day. BOOOOOO!

  3. You should probably bring a large weapon with you. I hear those are great for “convincing”.

  4. Yeah, I really wasn’t feeling work today either. I need a vacation. Lets take one together. It will be hilarious.

  5. awmb

    I would have rather been doing anything than working.
    Crafting up a storm – lately I’ve been wanting to make my home more homey, so I’ve been thinking of making canvases covered in pretty fabrics.
    On my dad’s fishing boat – he called me a few days ago and said that he was surrounded by about 100 Orca wales and he drifted along with them.
    Reading – Eat, Pray, Love
    Hanging out with my rat – Mr. Charles Duder Bukowski

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