Fat Tuesday, Week 3

So, time for my weekly update on le fat. Which, by the way, is still there.

I did lose 2.4 pounds last week, which was exciting.  Sadly, my Weight Watchers site did NOT celebrate with me—in fact, it asked me if I’d been eating all of my points.  Don’t worry kiddos.  STILL EATING.  Oh, and still fat.

This week has been difficult, for a variety of reasons.  Meaning that eating well has been difficult.  It makes me sad to realize how dependent I am on food as a coping mechanism.  Still, I’ve been staying strong.  I’ve yet to exceed my points—and while I’ve delved into my weekly allowance, I’ve yet to go off the charts and have a true binge.

What do I miss?  Going to dinner and eating french fries with ranch.  Red Robin Mushroom Burger.  Frozen yogurt with yummy toppings.  My afternoon chocolate treat.  Feeling like I can always just have a little pick me up when I want it.  Yesterday, I craved a donut for breakfast.  I drove by Burger King after my seemingly-endless work meeting and wanted to get a huge burger because I was tired and had such a long day.  I miss all of the little treats that I used to have.  I’m trying to figure out a system of rewards for myself, one that has NOTHING to do with food.

So, I’m collecting suggestions.  What relatively cheap, non-food things do you use to reward yourself?  I am fully aware that using food is common, but there are many people who use other things.  I can think of a million things I want, but I’m trying to be creative and really reward myself for this.  It’s hard work.  As lame as it sounds, it’s not just a diet—it’s really changing my thinking, and my self esteem is definitely coming in to play here.

Help me out, guys.  How do YOU reward yourself?



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15 responses to “Fat Tuesday, Week 3

  1. pinwheel28

    I can’t help you there. I eat too. 😦 Sticker chart? Haha.

  2. Rachel

    Junky magazines, Sex and the City DVDs (or equivalent movie), wine (can’t be that many points, right?), naps, flowers

    How are you liking the WW? I’ve been thinking of taking the plunge. By the way, did you see the cover of TIME? http://www.time.com/time/covers/0,16641,20090817,00.html

  3. This isn’t MINE per say, but a co-worker once confided in me that she rewards herself with cheap underwear (Gap is having a sale, if that helps, $1.99 each). Hope that helps!!

  4. Manicures are a really nice reward. They stick with you longer than a donut too.

  5. kel

    Stop calling yourself fat. That’s horrible thinking. Buy yourself shoes instead.

  6. Ari

    New pens or really any small office supply for that matter – but I have a problem when it comes to office supplies (its an obsession really); or I buy a new book or a new make-up item or socks . . .

  7. Pam

    I usually reward myself for not doing something or sticking to something by letting myself buy a book from Barnes and Noble along with a coffee from Starbucks AND spending 2 hours browsing around.

  8. tabithablogs

    I like the buying a book/browsing around idea. I’m not one to give advice here, either, because I’m TOTALLY a food rewarder, and I always always ALWAYS use food to help lift my mood or to avoid doing something more productive. It’s a wonder I’m not 300 pounds. I’m thinking of asking my husband if he wants to start WW with me…could be fun. Oh, but as for the bookstore browsing? I love it. I might start doing that myself, if the hubs lets me. 😛

  9. I can give you a few “healthy” treats where you can reward yourself with little calories…

    Fat free milk + frozen strawberries + splenda = tastes EXACTLY like strawberry milkshake.

    Fat free milk + pumpkin (in a can) + a dash of nutmeg + splenda = tastes so much like pumpking pie, it’s yummy.

    Sugar free jello + fat-free frozen cool whip = yummy, and not even a point.

    Fat-free frozen cool whip on a piece of graham cracker is awesome too.

    Banana (or apple) in the microwave with a bit of splenda (or even a tad of sugar) and cinammon — just like a dessert (the apple makes it taste like apple pie!)

    My sister rewards herself by putting the music loud in the house when no one is home, and just dancing like crazy with the lights off. It’s a stress reliever AND burns calories! (And fun!)

    And you like taking pictures, how about framing your favorite picture? Or making a picture book? (Recommend blurb.com for that, since it’s fairly affordable, compared to other sites, and the quality is great.)

    Or how about a nice leisurely bike ride around the neighborhood? Not one where the intention is to sweat and burn calories, but one where you can sightsee, feel the wind on your face, just as if you’re a kid again?

    Or do a spa day at home: scrub your skin, put on a face mask, a deep conditioner on your hair, then take a long hot shower (or bath) and moisturize afterwards.

  10. chasingparadise

    My method of weight loss was different (I did South Beach and am still a South Beach eater by routine, really) but I also believed in rewards. I was a big lover of pedicure/manicures b/c it was a way to get out of the house and do something nice for myself without thinking of food. Or, when I’d reach a weight loss goal, I’d buy something for myself: a new book, a trashy magazine, a new wallet or sunglasses, etc. But I also needed food rewards. I was a huuuuuuuuuge lover of No Sugar Added fudgesicles. So good!

  11. Gina

    Hey Amy,

    Two suggestions that are “treats” if you should meet your weekly goal. And, you may ONLY do one of these two things if you are successful with your points:

    #1) You may download a number (say 5) of songs on ITunes as a reward for staying on target.

    #2) A new shirt/skirt or whatever if you stay on target. I have a ton of great consignment shops I can show you and if you allot yourself a certain $ amount each week it shouldn’t get too expensive, you should be able to walk out spending less then $10 and get 1-2 really cute things, plus you will “expand” your wardrobe, but not your waist.

    If you are self disciplined and learn to reward yourself in a different avenue, you are trading your stress relief for something else besides food. Remember girlie, your the one who said it best, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail!

  12. Um…wine? 🙂 Sorry, that totally defeats the purpose. I like getting a pedicure, or buying a new book or a new piece of jewelry or something for my home. And, oddly enough, I really love buying toys and treats for my CATS as a way to reward myself. I don’t have a bathtub anymore, but taking a nice hot bubble bath is always a good treat, too.

  13. Bianca

    I am definitely not one to talk, but a new scent at Bath and Body Works would be fun and you could wander around smelling all of the scents. Even though you said you didn’t want food rewards a couple lower cal options are fruit popsicles (Bryers makes a 100 cal popsicle) or fruit salad with fat free cool whip on top 🙂

  14. Oh, I like the manicure idea. Or sexy underwear. My workouts and healthy eating always feel more worthwhile when I put on a pair of panties and see that my ass has shrunk.*

    *Is shrunk a word? That looks weird.

  15. awmb

    I am definitely the type of person that binges on random things just because they’re there. Or I get the idea of it and crave it until I reach the breaking point of sanity and go to the store, see it’s on sale, and get 3. But one thing that I think could be interesting, if you like antique or vintage stuff is going to antique stores, or second hand stores, or second hand antique stores, and finding something special. I tend to make crafty things, so I have a collection of buttons, and I can search for hours searching for cool ones in an old fabric store. I like the taking photos idea, or the bike ride idea. Those are things that are inexpensive, and can be a lot of fun. Plus, you’ll have some memories along the way.

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