The Girl Who Lived

Well, I survived the dentist.  Um, it wasn’t fun.  My dentist had a thick accent, a penchant for calling me “baby” and did NOT dope me with nitris, which is why I selected that dentist in the first place.  But, my teeth are shiny clean, and while I do have quite a bit of dental work ahead of me, I’m feeling a bit better about things.  Though, I will be getting a new dentist.

Anyways, the rest of the weekend was nice: a quick visit from my grandparents, a trip to the library, and a nice family dinner.  I’m not going to lie: going to work tomorrow sounds like just about the worst thing ever, especially because this next week is going to be especially insane.  I plan to spend the rest of the day preparing with naps, magazine browsing in the bath, and finishing Season 7 of Gilmore Girls.

How was your weekend?



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4 responses to “The Girl Who Lived

  1. Finding a good doctor/dentist/optometrist/etc. is so hard! Especially when you only see them once every now and then. I had it all set up in my old town, then I left, 3.5 years later and still trying to settle on a couple of specialists. I did find a very nice optometrist recently, and my cousin’s friend is a dentist, she just moved back into town and is very nice. Hope you find a nice one too soon!

  2. awmb

    Oh man. I know what you mean. I have the same irrational fear of the dentist, and once read an article about how it is actually very common in redheads because they are more susceptible to pain, which was interesting.
    Good job, though! And now you won’t have to do it for another 6 months! Well, unless you’re like me who has put it off for about 4 years. Gross, I know.

  3. pinwheel28

    I once went to a dentist that would not stop calling me Sweet Pea. I didn’t go back.

    You should try going to Rob Meaglia. It’s probably a bit of a drive for you…but the good thing is, he is the nicest guy ever and won’t suggest things for you that you don’t need or charge you up the wall. Just my experience. Glad you made it through!

  4. Gah, the dentist?! No fun. Gilmore Girls?! Tons of fun.

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