This is my bag, baby. Yeah!


This morning, I was frantically searching for something in my purse, so I dumped everything out on my chair.  Upon seeing the pile, I thought, “Hey, this looks like a boring mess blog post!”  So, here’s all of the crap I cart around with me each day:

  • A book.  Currently, it’s Wasted by Marya Hornbacher, one of my favorite examples of memoir.  Love it.  But, I am rarely without something to read.  I get bored easily, so books are absolutely necessary if I fear I’m going to be stuck anywhere.
  • Big yellow wallet.  Until recently, I had a pink wallet.  But then it split, and all of my money, change, and stamps fell out in a gas station!  And then the little attachment for my cards fell out in my purse, and I nearly lost my mind thinking I’d lost my ATM card.  So, the yellow is new, and sunshiney and I basically love it.
  • The notebook with the brightly colored hexagons is my current journal.  I love journaling, do it nearly every day, and it’s basically where I spew out what’s rattling around in my brain.  If you touch it, I will kill you.
  • Pink polka dot notebook.  Okay, this is where the extent of my nerdiness comes out.  I keep a notebook of words I need to look up, words/phrases I like, books I want to read, blog posts I want to write, etc.  It’s basically my “word nerd” journal, and I’ll have you know, I finished an entire Moleskine, so this one is new!  But I love learning and writing, so when things come to me, I write them down.  I know I’m a dork, but I don’t care.
  • Weight Watchers pocket guide.  This houses my weigh-in information, a quick guide to foods and their points, a way to figure out points on the go and other “tips.”  I love it.  But since it has my real weight, it also falls under the “if you touch it, I will kill you” category.
  • The other brightly colored book is my planner.  See, I use Google Calendar on my computer AND my iPhone, but what if?  What if Google blows up?  You never know.  And god forbid I miss something truly exciting, like another meeting for work or something equally thrilling.  So, I use a back up.  And nope, I’m not anal retentive AT ALL.  Totally calm.
  • The little package of Fruities is oddly not some sort of ode to the guys I’ve dated, but is the most delicious little Weight Watchers candy I purchased at a meeting.  It’s kind of a mix between soft and hard (TWSS!) and is sweet and delicious and takes the edge off of sugar cravings.  I’m in love with them.
  • Celebrity-style sunglasses.  I clearly think I’m a diva.  Andrew loves to call them “buggles”, as he feels I look like a bug when I wear such huge classes.  I think he can suck it.
  • Keys.  When I got my classroom, I kid you not, I received upwards of 20 keys to unlock various things.  So, while I still have a lot of keys, it’s pared down, I assure you.
  • Not pictured?  My iPhone, which I used to shoot this picture.  And the truth is, the iPhone is more of another limb than something that just gets stuck in my purse.  Because I’m in love with it.


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10 responses to “This is my bag, baby. Yeah!

  1. oooh! Where did you get your wallet? I love it!

  2. Don’t look. I’m stealing that wallet from you.

  3. This is the funniest post about a boring mess ever.

  4. I have a “word nerd” journal! It’s full of interesting web sites, books, names of interesting people, words, ideas and all kinds of other randomness. I took the idea from that day-to-day journaling link you posted the other day and I now put dates on everything so I can go back and remember a bit about what happened that day.

    I’ve been wanting to read that book, I’ll have to check it out!

    LOVE the wallet.

  5. Gina

    I LOVE YOU FRIEND… and I love that your inspiring people, like Stevie 🙂 Your the best!!

  6. LOL i hope u have a big bag!!

  7. I need a “word nerd” journal too. I think I need more unlined notebooks though, I have a few lined ones around, but I think I’m done with lines. I won a Borders voucher the other day so will have to go on a hunt, hope I find one as pretty as yours 🙂 I’m still carrying around Potatoes not Prozac as my book! I’m most of the way through, now I just gotta make the effort and implement the 7 steps.

  8. Ari

    I have my own version of the “word nerd” journal – except I call it “the repository” – I write down all sorts of random thoughts. It would make no sense to anyone but me . . .

  9. That wallet is adorable as all heck!

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