Non-Sequiturs, and a poll!

I’m in full swing of week 3 of teaching, which is sucking all of my brain power.  I’m thinking about a lot, but unfortunately, seem to be lacking the general time/brainpower/creativity to turn it into an actual post.  Here’s a little snippet of what I’m thinking about:

—I have weigh-in #2 at Weight Watchers tonight!  Wish me luck!  I’ve done pretty good this week, but only the scale can tell 🙂 

—I seem to have finally overcome the Cold and Flu of Death, which feels fantastic, because fevers make me quite weepy and unlikeable, because for some reason, they make me even more emotional than normal, and that’s saying something.

—So, my commute is basically awful.  I drive 67 miles each way, every single day.  And it sucks.  But, I recently set a goal of reading lots of classic books that I somehow avoided in college.  So, I’ve been downloading them as audiobooks.  First up?  The Picture Of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde, which is lovely, and has made me considerably less stabby as I drive to work every single day.  I could write post after post about the lack of knowledge I have from being an English major.  I made it out of college without reading Pride and Prejudice or anything by Dickens.  Yeah, I know.  I am currently seeking to rectify the issue, and audiobooks seem to be working quite nicely.  Plus, those saucy little British accents are adorable.

—Gilmore Girls is nearly coming to an end, as we’ve finally hit Season 7.  I am still in love with the show, and feel awfully sad that soon, it’ll be over.  And by “awfully sad” I mean I teared up when I put in the seventh season’s first disk.  I’m looking for suggestions for the next show I should watch in it’s entirety.  I have some of The Sopranos I’m going to watch next, but after that, I’m thinking Felicity.  Anyone else have any good suggestions?

—Am I the only person who can’t freaking wait ’til fall?  All I think about lately is scarves, cold weather and pumpkin-flavored everything, because that’s the best part of fall.  I just want to see orange leaves, feel a crisp breeze and not have one cup of coffee reduce me to a disgusting sweat from its heat.

–I think I’ve written enough nerdy entries about books to make it obvious that I love books, but I want your opinion on something.  If you are reading a book, and you just can’t get into it, do you keep reading?  Or do you cut your losses and move on?  I am one of those weirdos who usually is reading anywhere from 2-6 books at any one time, so I usually just avoid it until I can’t any more.  And then I just forget about it.  Still, I really admire people who can push through any book, just for the sake of finishing.  So, what type of reader are you?  Please vote below, I’m a nerd and I get off on things like this:



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15 responses to “Non-Sequiturs, and a poll!

  1. Sad to hear that Gilmore Girls is coming to a close, but Sopranos and Felicity are good options to follow up with. I’d say The West Wing too since you’re probably already a fan of GG’s fast speaking and maybe Psych because a good laugh is great for you.

    As for the poll I voted for putting the bad book down but I think that’s only when there’s no reason for me reading it except for my own enjoyment. If there’s a book club or for school or some reason where finishing it is necessary I’ll do it, but if I don’t like the thing and feel it’s not going to get better I say put it down.

  2. I am excited for Fall, but not for all those culture-y reasons you listed… for MAD MEN and ALWAYS SUNNY and THE OFFICE, oh my!

  3. I like to think I’m the sort of person who will finish a book no matter what, but it seems that I’m not. Because I’m on a mission to re-acquaint myself with my old reading habits of yore, and it’s not working, because the second book I picked is boring the ever-loving shit out of me, ‘scuse my language. So I’m two chapters in and it’s been sitting on my bedside table for MONTHS, I kid you not, and I just avoid it and play on the internet until I’m too tired to see straight, rather than resort to reading another chapter.

    I think it’s time to move on to another book, no? So if anyone wants a free copy of The Outcast by Sadie Jones, it’s all yours. I know I made an awesome case for it.

  4. I’m excited for fall, but not until after Sunday. Because I don’t have to go back to work until Monday and right now I’m just dragging my feet.

  5. I am really excited for fall, too! The leaves here in Seattle are already starting to change colors and I love it.

    Have you watched Six Feet Under? Or Arrested Development? Or Weeds? Or Dexter? Those are some of my favorites.

    If I start a book, I have to finish it. No matter what.

  6. Jen

    I almost always finish the books I start, never matter how sucky. Except for Eat the Document, I could not bring myself to finish that one!

    You should go 21 Jumpstreet next. 🙂 That one is always amazing! Or a lot of friends of mine really like True Blood.

  7. Gina

    Have you ever seen Grey’s Anatomy?? START TO FINISH… OH man, tear jerker, and Andrew just might appreciate it more then Felicity!!! Give him a break, he’s been a champ for the last 7 seasons!

    PS. Wait until the last episode, you will walk around for a solid WEEK missing or Gilmore-isms!!!

  8. Actually just gave up a book a week or so ago. I wasn’t motivated to read it, it was sort of like homework. And then I was thinking, this is supposed to be enjoyable, right? So I shelved it, maybe I’ll pick it up again later.

  9. kel

    There is no fall in SoCal. And I hate that.

  10. I said that I never put a book down. But I did once. I started reading “A Million Little Pieces” and just COULD NOT get into it. I tried several times. I just couldn’t do it. But mostly, I will continue reading a book even if it is terrible, I just can’t stop!

  11. WEEDS!! The show, not the life sucking plant. I love that show, so that’s my recommendation, all though apparently Gina didn’t like it. Just my two cents.

  12. Gina

    EWE, NOT Weeds, it is a life sucking show Katy….. just like the plant! Haha, why is this like a FB comment, back and forth, we need to stop, I’m not sure Amy will not appreciate her Blog becoming a wall….

    Love ya Aims! 🙂

  13. I’m sure I’ve said this before, but I can’t wait to get all 7 seasons of GG when I go overseas next month! I’m liking Gina’s idea… a Grey’s marathon before season 6, I think I’m going to do that myself. Then I’ll be ready for (another) GG marathon when I get back with the set … sounds like a sad sad life I have, but seeing as I’ve seen all these before, I usually do craft stuff at the same time, it’s nice to have familiar stuff on in the background.

  14. tabithablogs

    Ack! I was an English major, too, and I also managed to skirt a LOT of books that everyone and their mother assumes I’ve read just because I was an English major. Never read Pride & Prejudice (in fact, I still haven’t read ANYTHING of Jane Austen’s YET, though I did read Bronte’s Jane Eyre recently), never read Dostoyevsky, or Dickens (until after college, and now I’m in love), or Moby Dick, or…you get the picture. I was a sorry excuse for an English major. I just like grammar, I guess. Kind of.

    And Gilmore Girls? YES. I own all seven seasons and watch them repeatedly. Of course, I just got married last weekend and I’m betting my husband won’t want me monopolizing his massive wall-projected-TV-screen thing with Lorelai and Rory over his Wii games and Sci-Fi flicks. ALSO: I love Felicity. Can we be friends?

    Except, about the waiting for fall thing…I’m actually really wishing summer would stick around longer. But see, I live in Santa Barbara, where it’s been WINTERY year-round as far as I’m concerned, being from the hot desert. So this morning, waking up to fog and drizzly grossness? Not a fan. The only “summer” I’ve really had this year was last week on my honeymoon in Vegas. Lovely, lovely sun.

    And clearly, I think I’m due for a blog post of my own, since I keep leaving rambly comments on people’s posts that I’m catching up on. Er, “on which I am catching up.” Er, “upon which I am catching”? I lied. I hate grammar.

  15. A Super Girl

    My Netflix cue only moves when TV shows are in it…some of my faves are Weeds, The O.C. (I never watched it when it was on!), Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip (show was canceled after 1 season, but it’s good), and West Wing. No, seriously. West Wing.

    As for the poll…I’m mostly a plow through kinda girl, though there are a few that I have put down. Heart of Darkness was the most recent. And then there’s Anna Karenina which I would so love to read, but it’s got such peaks and valleys and I can never make it through the valleys!!

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