Fun Thing You Should Know About

A few months ago, Real Simple magazine, to which I’ve subscriped for a billion years, sent me an email letting me know about an awesome service that I’m basically in love with now: MAGHOUND!

Maghound is a subscription service for magazines.  Basically, instead of paying for a million magazine subscriptions, or purchasing them from the newstand or Borders or whatnot, you simply sign up for a monthly service to recieve magazines each month.  Oh, and even better, if you subscribe to a magazine that takes a month of or only publishes a certain number of issues a year, you can pick a substitute.

Since magazines are a huge love of both Andrew and me, it’s been a great thing.  Our mailbox is always brimming with magazines and it makes us both insanely happy.

So, if you’re a magazine person like both of us are, you should most definitely check it out.

What cool stuff do you think I should be aware of?  Make my life better!



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3 responses to “Fun Thing You Should Know About

  1. Pam

    I’m addicted to Real Simple magazine. I’m going to have to check out the websit. Thanks!!

  2. This is brilliant! I wish I had something cool with which to reciprocate, but I’m totally drawing a blank here…

  3. Hubby keeps trying to get me to buy Real Simple. I am resisting because I think I’ll have to do things then. Seriously.

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